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Want to Meet Your Maker?

meet your maker

What is vital for each of us to remember is that we have power.
We have the capacity to create our experience of the world painfully or joyfully.

Have you ever noticed the ongoing dialogue you have with the voice inside your head?
This voice is telling us a story all the time.

We invite you to make friends with the voice inside your head, your Maker of meaning.
You can change the story you’re hearing.

The Most Important Story in the World

The Most important story in the world

Interesting Fact-

There are 129,864,880 books in the world according to calculations done by Google last August. “Stacked on your nightstand, they’d tower three-and-a-half thousand kilometers in the air,” writes Cathal Kelly in an article from the Toronto Star.

Getting Off The Clock- Reclaiming Your Timing

Getting off the Clock

Interesting Fact-

According to, a reasonable source of answers, there are 70,365,000,000 clocks in the world including wristwatches. We suggest this number is getting bigger with every tick of the clock.

With all these timepieces in the world is it any surprise that sometimes we feel pushed around by time?

Inner Physician

Inner Physician

Healing is our birthright.

Throughout our lives we have naturally healed skinned knees, broken arms, etc. Something inside us did this, and coordinated the assistance that we may have received from doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners. They did not heal us; they provided valuable support for our own bodies’ natural healing abilities. We call that The Inner Physician.

Everyone has an Inner Physician.

We have confirmed this during thirty years of work with clients of all ages and cultures. Unfortunately, most of us have come to ignore or discount this innate ability, replacing it with dependence on health care professionals, as if they had healing power to give us. They don’t. Even the most skilled practitioner cannot regenerate a single cell in another human body. Our Inner Physician does that, by the millions, every hour.

The role of the Medical Intuitive is to help you activate your Inner Physician, so that you can reclaim your natural ability to create the healing you need throughout your life. Regardless of whether someone needs an antibiotic, a homeopathic, or any other type of therapy, when your Inner Physician is activated, the therapy you choose becomes more effective.


Inner Physician