Getting Off The Clock- Reclaiming Your Timing

Getting off the Clock

Interesting Fact-

According to, a reasonable source of answers, there are 70,365,000,000 clocks in the world including wristwatches. We suggest this number is getting bigger with every tick of the clock.

With all these timepieces in the world is it any surprise that sometimes we feel pushed around by time?

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 Getting off the clock- Reclaiming your timing

Spirit Time Moves Healing Into Action –

What is Spirit time?

It’s the timeless rhythm of your heart free of the clock, anybody’s clock. Imagine if your heart had to be bound by a watchband. Would your heart feel free?

It’s natural to want to know when we’re going to feel better, when our lives can return to a healthy state that we have known historically. We create problems for ourselves when we let our clock of desire, our clock of hope or our clock of expectation override the timing that our bodies need to thrive.


Radical Idea

It may be your clock or wristwatch, but who’s running your time?
Think about who’s timing you are living by. Is it:

1. Your mother or father?

2. Duty?

3. Your job?

4. You’re mate or your children?

Is the clock running you or are you following your own timing? When we’re physically challenged, reconnecting with our own timing promotes healing. If you have a sprained ankle, it will only heal on your body’s sense of time, not what somebody else says, not your schedule’s, but the time your body requires to get well.


Some Tips-


Tip #1: Write a Post It note or write on your wrist by your watch “Who’s time is this anyway?” Radical isn’t it?  But isn’t it about time? 🙂


Tip #2: If you find yourself in someone else’s timing, make sure it’s a match for the clock in your heart.

Tip #3: If it’s not your timing, take a breath and say “ Ahah! That’s who’s time I was on. NOW, it’s my time.”

You can recalibrate your sense of timing anywhere, anytime simply by noticing that you’re out of synch with your Heart time.

Remember… awareness is curative.


Wisdom Prescription-

Make time something you own, not something you are pushed or pulled around by. Your breath isn’t on the clock. Simply by noticing you’re breathing in and breathing out frees you from the tyranny of the ticking machine.


Book Recommendation-


A Wrinkle in Time by  Madeliene L’Engle


“Suddenly there was a great burst of light through the Darkness. The light spread out and where it touched the Darkness the Darkness disappeared. The light spread until the patch of Dark Thing had vanished, and there was only a gentle shining, and through the shining came the stars, clear and pure.”

This is a story about a family, brilliant, adventurous and curious. Through an amazing series of coincidences and corresponding adventures, they discover how Love changes everything including what they think Time is. Published in 1962, it’s a perfect story for the times in which we find ourselves.

3 comments on “Getting Off The Clock- Reclaiming Your Timing

  1. wendy on

    i had to go to a palapa in mexico to get away from “time” as others know it. after a month or so, i start to tell time by the sun, with amazing accuracy. i also learn the meaning of manana, the ultimate traditional mexican timepiece.

    • Susan and David on

      Thanks Wendy for your thoughts. Ten years ago I read On Mexican Time by Tony Cohan. I found the rhythm of life he depicted more natural to my own. Two months in Mexico last year allowed me to connect to my natural rhythm in a new way because I was living in a culture that flowed differently than the one I was accustomed to. Thank you for the reminder of how sometimes all we need is a new location to allow ourselves to connect with our own nature. Love, Susan

  2. michael grant white on

    Yes, our sense of what is most important is better mellowed or aged with time.
    “The man who has a watch knows what time it is.
    The man who has more than one watch is never sure.”
    Stanley R. White.
    My father.


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