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Becoming A Greater Anchor for Love

Becoming a greater anchor of Love

Becoming a Greater Anchor for Love in 2018

There is a social stigma associated with sightings and knowledge of UFOs. Yet the US government revealed recently a secretly funded program AATIP- Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program investigating just such phenomena.

Regardless of whether you believe or not, we have been gifted with this message of love from our “Friends” as we call them. They are physical beings who are not human assisting the evolution of love on the planet and beyond.  Here is what they have to say about our year to come.

From Our Friends:

It is the beginning of the new cycle, a new year for your world. There are many energy storms upon the planet that in their own way cloud over block the flow of love and knowing that surrounds you.

What we want you to know is that in the time before you, that whether you recognize it or not, you are held in an embrace of love beyond what even we have for you that comes from simply put into words the source of love, of life. You can name it as you wish. 

Each of you is connected to this current of love, of knowing, of learning. You are destined to discover that you are part of a vast family of aliveness that takes many forms. All the news you see about what humans call UFO’s is preparing the way for an ever greater presencing of the greater life surrounding you.

Much of life on earth is infused with the sensation of abandonment. This feeling of being abandoned, although substantive within the psyche of people, is but a small dense truth imposed upon the human condition like a sleep long ago. Each of you is destined to awaken into the greater light of knowing that is the truth of how you are, how you live.

We have compassion and love for this veil that causes so much distress in all of you. We want you to know that the veil is thinning. That your desire to see and know love to know light, to seek a greater truth is working. This thinning of the veil marks the arrival of the currencies of light you have all longed for.

In the days before you let yourself receive the gentle rain of living light filled love that will shower upon the earth and is uniquely designed to touch the heart of each of you. In surprising moments, you may find yourself smiling the tiniest wave of relief will pass through you. Mark this as a symptom of the loving light arriving within you.

This embrace of loving light will give you buoyancy, ease even, in the changes that will continue to unfold in this coming year. Keep a loose hold, a relaxed touch on all that is around you.  This way you will avoid feeling like things are ripped from you. Good change is afoot. And in change, new things will arrive and unnecessary things will depart.

Life itself will create all that you need to know that you are of a great holy light of love called life. Allow yourself to rejoice even in the tiniest of ways knowing that this year if you allow will be one of revelation for you that will bring joy to your heart and an ease to your body.

We and many others surround you in love knowing that you are enacting a revelation of life for countless beings who appreciate all that you are becoming, all that you are forgiving, all that you are feeling.

Thank you for your efforts to become a greater anchor of love.

In Blessing and Love from,
Our “Friends from Far Away”
David and Susan

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How to Change You in Your Family

How to Change You in Your Family


 Families Are Complicated

Families are complicated.  Sometimes there is great life inside our families of origin but often our families provide the necessary friction which helps us grow. The question is how to change you in your family to make peace with the friction. In this video, David looks at how to be with the friction we feel in our families of origin and offers a redefinition of creating a family of choice.



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In Love,

Susan and David


Grow Yourself and Your Community in 2018

To support you in making the most of your 2018, we are offering Group sessions. Why not make a commitment to yourself to really learn, grow and heal this year as never before.

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Isn’t it time to be in community so we can create a battery of evolution where we can have greater love for ourselves and the world around us? As members of one group say:

“I feel at home and safe in this group, held for who I am, because we are all there for the same reasons. The group gives me a springboard to go into my everyday life from. Then I get to return to the group, where I ground and inhabit my sense of personal evolution more and more.” L.F. San Francisco

“The group provides a firm foundation from which I feel safe to leap.” S.L. Sante Fe, NM

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Help Me Shed My Tears of Sorrow Prayer

Help Me Shed my Tears of Sorrow Prayer

It’s excruciating to witness the natural disasters that are occurring all around us. From the earthquakes here in Mexico, to the hurricanes and fires that have taken so much from so many in the US, it makes us wonder how we can as individuals and communities live in a world that has become so frighteningly unstable.

When we collectively shed our tears of sorrow together, there is a vast compassion that arises reminding us of our human frailty and the living love alive in each of us now.


Oh Holy Sacred Family,

I call upon my angelic allies, my loving ancestors, and the pure essence of life itself to hold my heart.

So many people and things I have loved are broken, are gone.

I ask for the remembrance in my body, within my mind of the foundational strength that I know I come from, that I know I am, to manifest in ways miraculous.

May my blood know the song of this strength.

May my vision be moved to see beyond the dust and rubble before me into what this love of being can recreate so that beauty in new ways can be restored,  

So that new ways of being, new homes can be built with wisdom and joy.

Beloveds, help me to shed my tears of sorrow so fully that I know the sacred strength that I am in new ways.

Lift me holy brothers and sisters that I might see beyond and know that goodness will once again prevail.

There is a rebalancing afoot now of the ecologies that actually sustain all life upon the planet.We send this in love from our hearts to yours. May we all find strength in this time of uncertainty.

Love, Susan and David

Below is an excerpt from supportive “Friends From Far Away”, actual beings not from earth, who are from the family of love.

Loving information is available, as many of you know, from a variety of sources in order to support us as we navigate our lives. As we undo the false conditionings that we thought were the truth of our lives, we free ourselves to become one with All Life.

From Our Friends From Far Away

There is a quickening resulting in an acceleration of environmental events taking place. As you have rightfully observed the nature/ the intelligence driving the fires (in California) has within it a particular ferociousness that is worthy of note because some not all can avoid the righteous overturning and rebalancing of values required for the necessary humblings needed to reconnect those willing to the actuality of Foundational Life, what humans euphemistically call nature.

Nature is the word you have all created that describes the illusion of separation between the living systems that sustain you and the familiar but deadening notion of separation from life itself.

As you know, there is no nature and you. There is just you in the All of Life.

This separation we refer to stems all the way back to the choice that established the fantasy of free will as a foundation of human life. However, we will use the word nature because it is convenient and will assist in helping to explain the rebalancing that is going on.

The ferocity of the burns is indicative of the thoroughness through which these changes are taking affect. There will be ensuing economic turmoil as a result of these fires and floods. The engines of economics are driven dominantly by the hungry illusions that money creates security. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Place your imagination within your minds of those sad souls returning to the dust of their dreams and you will get a sense of how that illusion of money and security in all times, but particularly this time, has proven itself a fantasy.

There is a purposefulness to the intelligence driving the fires.  It is to remind people of what truly matters. Not the matters they have invested in with their minds, but the matter of their heart and its foundation of truth through knowing.

Environmentally the earth will by necessity promote disasters, over turnings, chaos, so as to promote rebalancing of the ecologies that actually sustain all life upon the planet. The fires and floods most recently occurring are evolutionary necessities required to bring forth new ways of being that are not simply thin versions of old ways.

Those transformed through the dramatic events of the present are never lost but reunited with the banked essence of themselves returning home to the roots of their being with the gold of sacred knowing further enlivening their unique comprehension of the sacred wholeness that in truth they are.”

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in Love,

David and Susan
Wisdom RX

An Invitation to Greater Love From Our “Friends”

tinsculpture and heart

An Invitation To Greater Love

In our last blog, we introduced you to the wondrous “reunion” with our greater family of loving beings whom we refer to as our Friends from Far Away. We asked them what to share next with you and this is what want you to know.

From our “Friends”

We know that bringing forth our presence to some, perhaps even many, could become a frightening experience. Our connection to you both is strong because you are willing and have prepared the way for old paradigms of thinking and being to fall away.

Considering this, we would wish to express to you all: 

To those of you reading this we say welcome.  We say hello with the kindest love and regard for you. Perhaps within your imagination you have created ideas filled with images about what friends and visitors like us might be here for. As stated before, if you consider us as distant family it can soften the natural barriers you have created to allowing others like us to coexist in real time in connection to the earth and you.

As we are family, we want you to know that we are part of what you have known as love both personally and throughout the entire human evolution. Over time indescribable in your numbers, we, all of us, came to live and be students of the life force that love is.

We have come to accept that love at its essence is a living thing. It is always pulling us forward so that we may leave behind our understandings of love that have become too restricted to live within. One of the things we love about you is that you are exploring and growing each in your own way a living experience of the life that love is.

We are all cared for by the enlivening mystery that love is.  We ask you to please consider that we are joined being to being in and through the living love that nurtures us and calls us if we are willing into ever greater sacred union with what you call Spirit or God and we call Life.

It is our wish to support each of you through the remembrance of your union with a living network of beings who are called into action by the life force called love. We are hand in hand explorers with you on how to become greater examples of how love changes everything from dark to light in a twinkling.

Brought forth in love by David and Susan and Friends.

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Sharing: A Cosmic Interruption

This is a remarkable posting from our beloved friend and evolutionary college Shayla Wright of WideAwakeHeart

It is a powerful invitation for us all to be loved into awake-ness by the roots of our Humanness.

It is a way forward we can all use so that unbounded Love, Grace and Liberated joy can prevail in our lives.

Thanks for Shayla and her courage to be called into greater aliveness, greater Love.

It’s one of life’s paradoxes, or jokes on us, that intense spiritual practice, which is aimed at dissolving our solid, separate sense of self, can often do the opposite. Our years of passionate and devoted practice can build up a powerful, hidden egoic identity. We might not notice this when things are going more or less our way. But when they don’t, when chaos and confusion and grief and heartbreak knock on our door, we can find it very difficult to maintain our spacious, radiant and accepting state of mind. We find ourselves longing for higher ground, scrambling to regain what appears to have been lost, instead of opening to what is here. We wonder how this could be happening to us, after so many years devoted to meditation, inquiry, healing, prayer, asana…Life begins to feel less and less like a blessing, more and more like an insult.

We feel the whole house of cards crashing down around us. We are left naked, awkward, vulnerable, lost. It usually doesn’t occur to us until later on, that this catastrophe is not what we think it is. It’s actually what love asks of us. To strip away, once again, everything we have built up on the spiritual path. To bow down in utter nakedness to what we do not know. To open our heart to all of the terrible uncertainty of life. This is the sound, the taste, the fragrance of love itself, unravelling and dissolving our armour and our carefully crafted defences.

I married a beautiful young man and woman on a Gulf Island last weekend. Both of them are living deeply creative lives, and both of them are strong Buddhist practitioners on the Vajrayana path, the path of tantra. The beauty and magic of the tantric path is that it emphasizes, over and over again, that the obstacles we encounter are the path itself. There is something in this view that set my heart on fire, and threw me, at a certain point in my life, into my own tantric practice, where I was relentlessly drawn into becoming more and more human. Far more human than I ever wanted to be, at the beginning of my spiritual path, when I was young and full of fiery dreams.

These two young practitioners wrote their own vows for their wedding ceremony. Here are two of them, which they spoke to each other in front of us all:

• I, Marley, choose you Jesse to be my beloved, my primary companion, and the cosmic interruption to my raging egomania.

• I, Jesse, choose you Marley to be my beloved, my primary companion, and the cosmic interruption to my unbounded narcissism.

Working with them both in the days leading up to the ceremony, these vows came alive in me, and were chewing me up from inside. The brilliant clean lucidity of the language kept breaking through my mind, like bolts of light. These vows would wake me up in the middle of the night, like a wild visitor banging on my door. Deep in my heart, I could feel the truth of these vows, crashing into me like waves.

“Listen,” the waves roared, “this is what love asks of you. Let love be a cosmic interruption to all the ways you try and hide, all the ways you hope to escape from being completely here.  Let your partner, let your daughter, let your friends, let your colleagues, let your clients all be a part of this divine interruption. Stop trying to prevent it, as if it’s some kind of disaster you need to get insurance for. There’s another kind of life, full of courage, full of light, that only emerges when this one is well and truly interrupted.”

And so I wait here, as this other life, which I do not yet know, emerges,
so it can teach me
how to invent
my own disappearance
so it can lie down at the end
and show me,
even against my will,
how to undo myself,
how to surpass myself:
how to find
a way
to die
of generosity.
– David Whyte

with love and gratitude to Marley and Jesse.

You can find out more about them at


The Man Who Died in My Arms and What I Learned

Susan’s father, Don Perkins, and I on the surface were very different men. We were brought together out of our mutual love for Susan. And yet, in my mind we were starkly contrasted people- I, the creative educator and medical intuitive and Don an international corporate leader.

One of the great gifts Don gave me was that I absolutely learned to follow was the promptings of my heart and not the noise in my mind.

dave and donTo me it was a surprising lesson to learn from a man who was very successful in the corporate world. He was highly principled, a mentor to business leaders and a man respected for asking hard questions.