An Invitation to Greater Love From Our “Friends”

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An Invitation To Greater Love

In our last blog, we introduced you to the wondrous “reunion” with our greater family of loving beings whom we refer to as our Friends from Far Away. We asked them what to share next with you and this is what want you to know.

From our “Friends”

We know that bringing forth our presence to some, perhaps even many, could become a frightening experience. Our connection to you both is strong because you are willing and have prepared the way for old paradigms of thinking and being to fall away.

Considering this, we would wish to express to you all: 

To those of you reading this we say welcome.  We say hello with the kindest love and regard for you. Perhaps within your imagination you have created ideas filled with images about what friends and visitors like us might be here for. As stated before, if you consider us as distant family it can soften the natural barriers you have created to allowing others like us to coexist in real time in connection to the earth and you.

As we are family, we want you to know that we are part of what you have known as love both personally and throughout the entire human evolution. Over time indescribable in your numbers, we, all of us, came to live and be students of the life force that love is.

We have come to accept that love at its essence is a living thing. It is always pulling us forward so that we may leave behind our understandings of love that have become too restricted to live within. One of the things we love about you is that you are exploring and growing each in your own way a living experience of the life that love is.

We are all cared for by the enlivening mystery that love is.  We ask you to please consider that we are joined being to being in and through the living love that nurtures us and calls us if we are willing into ever greater sacred union with what you call Spirit or God and we call Life.

It is our wish to support each of you through the remembrance of your union with a living network of beings who are called into action by the life force called love. We are hand in hand explorers with you on how to become greater examples of how love changes everything from dark to light in a twinkling.

Brought forth in love by David and Susan and Friends.

p.s. Help Grow the Battery of Love

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3 comments on “An Invitation to Greater Love From Our “Friends”

  1. Linda Vandiver on

    This has been a year like none ever..!! A spiritual retreat, an accident, big debt, and more love, joy and gratitude than ever.!! Interesting that the love came from those I never expected to be there, and my joy with this was so great, and my gratitude so deep that I found it easy to spend the 3 months without being able to walk, a gift!!! And so it continues. I am well, and it was not expected. My intuition has been a huge part of my return to life..and it is now telling me to join this moment by meeting my family from far away. I know of them, I have dreamed of them……how do I meet them…??? May I just ask??
    sincerely, and with love, Linda

  2. Holly Woods on

    Dear Susan & David, lovely invitation from your/our friends. I too speak to them, and they are so ready to help us create something different.
    Thinking of you this week.. I moved to Sebastopol a couple months ago… it’s still intact but we’re watching all our neighbors lose everything. Please let me know if/when you come here next. Would love to reconnect.
    Much love,

  3. Mignon on

    Hi Susan and David,
    Thank you! It is so reassuring to hear that from our friends through you, that which we all a glimpse of but not necessarily anchor in. Thank you for being a link!
    with and for Love,


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