Wisdom In Action Group Coaching

Are you wanting to connect to and act from your sacred intuitive knowing in a greater way?
Have you done individual coaching but know you need to be in community with others to learn and grow more fully?
Do you know you have more wisdom just waiting to be accessed and used but something’s keeping you from it? ​

These are small groups of 6 Participants.

Group 1 – Tuesday Evenings CLOSED
January 9, 16, 23, and 30
7-9pm CST/ 5-7 PST
Group 2 – Thursday Afternoons   CLOSED
January 11, 18, 25 and February 1
1-3 pm CST/ 11-1pm PST

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  • To explore in depth and in an evolutionary community stepping into your fully realized potential.
  • Generate The presence of genuine heartfelt creativity that can bring forth the changes we all want to make, or the home we want to create, or the job we always wanted.
  • Support a soul level expression and commitment to yourself.

What’s included:

  • Individual and group facilitation of the barriers in the way of your thriving.
  • Individual “coaching” and focused contribution calling on direct soul knowing from members of the group.
  • A Blessing at the beginning and an Intuitive Story to close, both recorded and available within 24 hours.

“I feel at home and safe in this group, held for who I am, because we are all there for the same reasons. The group gives me a springboard to go into my everyday life from. Then I get to return to the group, where I ground and inhabit my sense of personal evolution more and more.”  L.F. San Francisco



6 participants






2 hours each

Group 1 – Tuesday Evenings CLOSED
January 9, 16, 23, and 30
7-9pm CST/ 5-7 PST
Live on Zoom video.
Group 2 – Thursday Afternoons CLOSED
January 11, 18, 25 and February 1
1-3 pm CST/ 11-1pm PST
Live on Zoom video.
Click here to Register For Group 1 Tuesdays 7-9 pm CDT
Click here to Register for Group 2 Thursdays 1-3 pm CDT


Who would you like to be in an evolutionary wisdom group with? Ask your friends and beloveds to join you in creating a better world for yourself and others through a Wisdom in Action Group. ​ Please join us, David and Susan in a growing community of people who want their lives to be more vibrantly alive. More than ever, at this time in the world we need our Wisdom in Action.

To Support Our Wisdom In Action Groups…

We know the thoughts we think that create the words we say can open or close the doors to someone’s heart. We found that these Empathy Guidelines really help produce an environment where safety and the joy of discover coexist.

Empathy Guidelines

  1. Please use “I” statements when commenting or sharing. Or claim your comment as “my experience is”.
  2. Take a moment before responding. Breathe.
  3. Watch the use of the word “It”. Often we mean “I” when using the word “It”

Things That Block Empathy

Advising“I think you should_______”
Educating“This could turn into a positive experience if you just…”
One-Upping“That’s nothing wait until you hear what happened to me.”
Consoling“It wasn’t your fault you did the best you could.”
Sympathizing“Oh you poor thing.”
Story-telling“That reminds me of what I heard on the news…”
Shutting down“Cheer up. Don’t feel so bad. Come on let’s go to… to the gym, for ice cream.”
Interrogating“When did this begin?”
Correcting“That’s not how it happened.”
Reassuring“It will all be okay.”
Denial of Feeling“Don’t worry. It’s silly to worry.”
Minimizing“This isn’t so important.”
Diagnosing“Your problem is you’re a compulsive worrier.”
Analyzing“I think you are reacting like this because of your personality type.”