Breathing Power

When was the last time you noticed you were breathing?

Isn’t it amazing we can take for granted the one thing we can’t live without.

Breathing impacts everything in our bodies and minds. It can change a day when depression is present into a day of possibilities. If you have a health challenge like cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure, the simple power of taking a full and invigorating breath of life can improve your health along with the other treatments you are using.

Through the gift of a serendipitous internet connection, we were introduced to Michael Grant White of Optimal Breathing. This is a man who has dedicated the last 22 years of his life, reclaiming the gift of his own breath and instructing thousands of people on how to breath optimally receiving the gift of oxygen and also, from our perspective, the gift of Spirit.

We often breathe in shallow or distorted ways from old habits-
not how we really need to thrive.

Until we come face to face with the limitations in our own breathing, we’ll just keep recycling a series of habits that seem familiar because they’re comfortable even if they aren’t the right fit for us. Sometimes people get used to wearing shoes that are too small.

Michael’s approach is grounded in the experience of assisting people in liberating themselves from breathing small to breathing fully and balanced.

What if…for REAL Breathing Power….

1. Some of the limited thinking so dominant these days around and within us is based on our habits of limited breathing. Does our government need to take a deep breath to re-energize itself?

2. We may have a lot more room for breathing than we use; and we may not. By relearning how to take deep effortless breaths, we can re-inspire ourselves. Inspire means to fill the mind and heart with grace and also to prompt or induce someone to do something out of the ordinary. But the in breaths and out breaths must be properly sequenced, balanced and with good volume.

3. The air we breathe is our reminder, our absolutely alive connection to the Spirit of life that surrounds us in all of its forms. Virtually every religion has as a part of it a reference to sacred breath. Beyond the doctrine, this fundamental truth is just waiting for us ready to be unwrapped in our very next breath.

photo by David C. MacKenzie ©

We forget that this thing called breathing is the atomic energizer that literally gives life to our blood. Breath is life. To the degree our breathing is limited so is our energy and creative potential. Remarkably this source of our life, our vitality, even our breakthrough thinking can be completely freed up. Not only free, but abundant.

There is a free breathing test on Michael’s website.  See how your breathing is. You can be sure that your thinking and your words will get clearer by changing your habits of shallow, unbalanced or distorted breathing.

We’re running on half empty. It’s so elegantly simple, the gift of a balanced breath once within us can change everything.

Regardless of what ails you, optimizing your breathing will give you more energy and help you choose and activate whatever healing you desire.

We’re including a link to Optimal Breathing on our website— so that you can take advantage of his experience and offerings.

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4 comments on “Breathing Power

  1. tashina on

    Thanks you two, great message. I have been transformed by my new level and awareness of breathing just in the last few weeks. It has been life changing. Once again on the same page with seeming miles between us, yet no distance.

    Sure do love dancing with you Sweeties,

  2. Lenn on

    Hi David
    Another piece about breathing. A shallow breath or breaths, i call Pigeon Breathing, does not supply the amount of oxygen to fuel the brain. When this occurs we automatically and unconsciously move into a fight or flight reaction that is based in safety and survival in our reptilian brain. This ancient reaction to oxygen depletion worked well in the days of the Saber tooth Tiger or when I had to take the NYC subway at rush hour. Unfortunately, most of us learned safety and survival breathing as a consequence of our childhood experience and continue that breathing patten as adults.

  3. Anthony on

    A great bit of Wisdom! Thank you both, I am breathing you both in. It reminds me of the house we shared in Mexico on Calle ‘Suspiros.’ This is a real gift. I am so proud of the work you do.

    With love.


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