Uncertainty’s Power

uncertainty opens the door to revelation
Uncertainty’s power opens the door to receiving gifts of revelatory information.


We begin most mornings in regular communication with our sacred allies who are physical beings but not of Earth. They are transmitting supportive information on a regular basis for us. We thought you would find this most recent piece on Uncertainty of value. This excerpt and future ones come from an emerging book they are transmitting to us.

We are in an unprecedented time of uncertainty and we need to learn how to mine the energy within it to create the solutions required to grow our consciousness and tend to the life force of the planet that sustains us.

 Uncertainty’s Power

The words they select are powerful and precise.
Reading the following out loud will help integrate the fullness of the information.

You must be in a place of uncertainty for revelation to occur. You will understandably experience uncertainty as you are present to what we are expressing. Uncertainty for some can feel life threatening. For others less so. We are encouraging you to welcome this presence of uncertainty.

Throughout all of human history uncertainty has generated every revelation that has advanced human consciousness in the forms of spiritual understanding, technology, the human body and more.

Uncertainty is by its nature pregnant with revelatory information waiting to be claimed by those courageous enough to navigate the step by step pathway uncertainty calls into focus when there are discoveries to be made.

We know that we are asking you to trust a sensation that can be disquieting.

First just notice you are in uncertainty.
You do not need to do anything.
Uncertainty is profoundly intelligent.

The gift of greater knowing will open itself within you as you receive breath after breath the affirming presence of Life itself within every breath you receive. You may think you are taking a breath, but in truth you are always receiving a breath as it is the connection of your soul to Life itself that energizes a human body’s capacity to breathe.

Love, David and Susan

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4 comments on “Uncertainty’s Power

  1. Linda Vandiver on

    Wow, the uncertainty of life here in Mexico,(87 killed since Jan. first in San Miguel) The uncertainty of the US politics, and most of all the uncertainty of and the possibility of fascism and the prejudice I see there, are frightening. I find myself thinking that I am glad I am so old, and I don’t have lots of time left here!! But, I know…uncertainty brings openings, and hope.!! My “God” is much more personal, my beliefs and laws? more personal…and my unity with everything alive is so beautiful. The words of Christ (always true) are now to me…”see things differently, all is love , all are one” Muchas Gracias Amigos!! I hope you are well and happy !! I just thought of you last night!!! wondered as it seemed I had not heard from you!! and here you are this morning!!!

    • Mignon on

      Susan and David,
      Thank you! We certainly moved into the thick of muddy uncertainty here in the US!
      Trusting a whole lot more in being guided and grateful for inner freedom and the last paragraph you so beautifully described.
      Thank you and much love to u2

  2. Francesca Robinson on

    So very beautiful David and Susan!!! I am now even MORE GRATEFUL for breath as I consider receiving it, rather than taking it.
    I have been wondering if Hurricane Dorian impacted you in Nova Scotia. Hopefully all is well.
    with love and blessings from Ashland 😉

  3. Jane Mooyd on

    Thank you for this beautiful offering David and Susan. It was timely this morning and helped me, paradoxically, regain balance after a phone conversation from the world of certainty and worldly achievement. Triggers… not malign, simply reminders that knock one off-kilter.

    The world of uncertainty is my world of unknowing. It is where I live to a large extent.
    You remind me there are others who validate this realm and I was able to calm the jangling.
    A bright gift to all of us.


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