The Power of Words

Interesting Fact-

In study after study it has been proven that we physically respond to the words we hear. We become stronger or weaker almost immediately.

Words as Medicine-

Our Words are medicine – Are they healthy or toxic? That’s the question.

The power of words, the words we say to ourselves, to others and that we hear around us can promote healing and add positively to our lives or can create friction and dis-ease.

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Radical Idea
A word is a container, it holds so much meaning glued in and amongst the letters.

Just think of all the different ways someone can say your name-  as a parent, a lover or your dreaded fourth grade teacher.  Hearing our name spoken kindly sets us up to listen.  Spoken harshly can inspire us to shut ourselves down.

Do you talk to yourself more like the dreaded fourth grade teacher or more like your best friend who loves you unconditionally?

Which voice would you rather hear? Especially if you were having less than a perfect day.

What’s the voice that would give you the healthiest medicine?- the most healing words?

Some Tips-

TIP #1: If you feel yourself getting “little” while you’re listening to someone that’s a sign their words might not be the best medicine for you.

TIP #2: If you experience yourself feeling more competent, capable and strong, you’re likely being honored by what is being said.

TIP #3: If you’re having a conversation with yourself and your feeling scared and “little“, turn that voice off, take a breath or two, and talk to yourself out loud remembering what it’s like to have someone speak to you who honors, loves and believes in you. If that hasn’t happened for a while, call up a good friend and ask them to speak to you in that way so that you can remember what that sounds and feels like.

TIP #4: Here are some powerful healing words and phrases you can say to yourself and those around you that can promote some miraculous discoveries.

“ I wonder….”

“ I wonder if there is another way…”

“Hmmm? What if….”

“I don’t know… let me give that some thought.”

“ What if nothing’s wrong?”

Make no mistake:
These ordinary phrases are very powerful healing tools if we use them in new ways.

Wisdom Prescription-

Words are medicine. How are you dosing yourself?

Book Recommendation-

Speak Love Not War
An Introduction to Green Psychology

Let us introduce you to a couple we have great regard for- Jake and Hannah Eagle. Their work with individuals and companies on the power of words was transformative for us. If you’d like to explore how to modify the ways you narrate your world to yourself and others we heartily recommend Jake’s book. It’s a story of love, revelation and learning how to speak words as love not war.

David and Susan

2 comments on “The Power of Words

  1. Anon on

    Thank you. I was wondering how I was conditioning myself, by the voice inside my head. The sounds of words. The revalation that truth is individualistic, came as a Shock when I first ‘imagined’ it. Each of us holds a truth, does that mean communally we are truth composed of all? There is no view from nowhere, so I will stand on my own shoulders. I was wondering how to respond in a most dignified way to the violence of intent in peoples words, the bricolage of their truth which I respect, with the malice of a superior conception of what is right, according to them. I resist the homogeneity of power constructed knowledge, because material quantity is so often accorded notice of superiorority. You have added some extra strength to my thought, I like this particular truth. Its a truth of love and it is clear and intention free. Thank you again for this clear place.


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