Landed and Blooming

landed and blooming

We’re landed and blooming and our doors are wide open and so is Wisdom Rx!

The day we arrived in Phoenix it was 118 degrees. While unloading the truck and trailer with our beloved friend Jo, who helped us fold blankets and fill our fridge, our excitement for being in our new home overcame the intensity of the heat.

Taking a break that day, we sat surrounded by boxes in our kitchen area and were overwhelmed by the extraordinary stillness that was present.  That hasn’t gone away.

As we write sitting outside on our lanai, the birds are singing and the stillness prevails. We are home.

David woke up this morning with the phrase ‘be still my heart’ rumbling around inside him. It began to take on new meaning because the stillness of our home has allowed a peace and quite to both of our hearts.

The boxes are all unpacked and gone, and we are up and running as never before. This week we begin working with clients in our new home. We each feel an excitement and sense of strength and clarity.


We want to thank all the communities we have lived in, Olympia WA, Nelson BC, Ashland OR and our RV friends in Tucson and around the country. Each community gave us gifts to know ourselves in greater loving ways. All those gifts are at home with us now.

This is the ground, the place that is enlivening the next generation of Wisdom Rx.

What’s next…

More of The Miraculous and Magical

Based on the results from our work with clients an amazingly clear and simple principle has emerged.  When someone embarks on a mission of revelatory healing, they restore their inborn capacity to be miracle creators.

That’s what we mean when we say “Healing is your Birthright”. The engine inside that moves us forward is powered by our connection to the miraculous. Each of us does indeed live as a magical being in our own unique way. The reclamation of the miraculous and the magical is the quest we’re all living in.

More to come on this in the future!

We welcome you all to our new home. Thanks for being part of our lives.

David and Susan



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