Relief For the Habit of Fear

Relief for the habit of Fear

A Blessing from our Baja California Mexico Adventure

Relief for the Habit of Fear


It is time to remember a beginning within you that you have forgotten.
In truth, you are not made of fear.
Fear comes into being when you come to believe you are alone, isolated.

Know that at times fear saves your life.
But when danger is not present and fear persists love becomes lost.
It is time to remember your true history of love infused fear-less-ness.

In groups, you may find yourself in fear that can be in the air.
Then, everyone inhales the breath of fear.
The antidote to fear is to see what is so, recognize the fantasy that is present and bless, yes bless, the presence of fear.
The sweetest form of blessing is simply to notice that there is an ache, a longing present.

And you, through your noticing, can extend your love knowing that whatever the situation is, you have brought a kindness, an indelible change to an ache seeking relief.

If fear tells you to escape a burning room then you are answering its gift.

If fear tells you that you are unloved and are nothing more than an endless movie of sorrow, where impossibility is the only outcome, then you must act to save your life by recognizing you are within an illusion.

It is simple and now it is time to face this habit and in love end it.

How do you do this?

Know that your angelic allies stand blessing the next breath you take with a prescription of relief.
You must simply allow the presence of this rich love to enter what you protect and have come to think as real within the tiny confines of only a part of your consciousness.

Invite this love to come into your darkest places once and for all.
Know that your invitation will have real results.
You have started a chain reaction that will indeed bring change.

The simple majesty of the soul that you are is telling the truth to the part of your brain that learned to forget the river of love you are and are within.

How do you know you are being set free?

It comes again and again in a twinkling. You ask and you will receive.
It may feel like the tiniest and sweetest breeze coming upon you.
So it is when the ocean of love comes present.
It is a gentle wash, an utterance of sweetness.
This is your birthright to claim right now in the midst of the great uncertainty that seems to be everywhere.

To be reborn into your birthright of love, you need only to notice that you and your fellows are being reborn, reconditioned to know the truth of who you are.

Your liberty is coming more and more present as this ancient habit of fear comes to an end.



5 comments on “Relief For the Habit of Fear

  1. Tashina on

    Hey Friends,

    That was an awesome share, thank you. I feel the soft breeze on my face, the warm sun on my body and the sweetest ocean smells all around me. Fear is being loved here.

  2. Mignon on

    How timely! Just came out of the doubt/fear bath into your amazing love light! Thank you, and for the love warming picture!

    Love you two!


  3. KSKelly on

    Hello my dears –There are no coincidences! Have just come back from vacation where I repeatedly exceeded my fear boundaries and was grateful every second. Now, back sitting at my desk, your message has reminded me to keep pressing on the fear-based limits in my “everyday” life in Philly. Love you, xxxxx Ka


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