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Our National Insomnia: A Call To Action


Our National Insomnia:  A Call To Action

Perhaps one of the reason’s that insomnia is so epidemic is that the truth and insights that we deny throughout the day won’t be denied at night.

Seeing what is true to us, what is the greater truth, ignites our capacity to perceive magically.

When the strength of that kind of honest knowing occurs, we enable ourselves to regain our ability to steer our lives through and around the stories we are being asked to believe-
that’s practical magic.

How to See the Magical

How to see the magical

We live in a time that calls us to see truthfully and faithfully what is before us. It’s easy to condemn our perception of the truth as “magical thinking”.

In fact, we are trained to deny the truth of what we see.

We’re not talking about denying the truth of a stop sign or your beloved’s tears. The gift of the world today is that we all have the opportunity and the capacity to see and know the magical transformative truth of what we comprehend moment by moment.

When Standards Need to Fail

When standards need to fail

We create standards to have consistency or sameness.

They can be really helpful. They assist us in grading eggs, knowing how to greet the Queen of England and buying shoes. What happens when we standardize our ideas around love, acceptance, and freedom? We make rigid what is actually alive.