Our National Insomnia: A Call To Action


Our National Insomnia:  A Call To Action

Perhaps one of the reason’s that insomnia is so epidemic is that the truth and insights that we deny throughout the day won’t be denied at night.

Seeing what is true to us, what is the greater truth, ignites our capacity to perceive magically.

When the strength of that kind of honest knowing occurs, we enable ourselves to regain our ability to steer our lives through and around the stories we are being asked to believe-
that’s practical magic.

In fact, we know the stories do not reflect the greater truth that we are. When we are convinced to believe in a story that we know is a lie, it costs us a piece of our heartfelt integrity.

The loss of that integrity is noticed in the heart and soul of our being. An alarm bell begins to sound. It is that state of alarm that keeps us awake at night.

Sure, drinking coffee and soda or eating four grams of sugar before we go to bed has an impact on our ability to relax our bodies.  Yet, could it be that our attraction to those stimulating foods are a symptom of trying to distract ourselves from the alarm our integrity is sounding?

We are kept awake by what we want to turn away from and pretend we didn’t notice.
Remember we are trained to not see the truth but rather accept and get along with “that’s just the way it is.”

If you are awake in the night, ask yourself,
“What’s‘the truth I’ve denied been asking me to pay attention to?”

One of the most important curative gifts we have available to us is our awareness.  Awareness is the first step in curing what makes us physically ill, ill at ease, ill tempered, and ill-logical.

Awareness is noticing what’s going on in the midst of our beliefs, hopes and aspirations.  What simply is.

How can we possibly sleep and rest if the truth we have known throughout our day goes unacknowledged.


Some Steps To Ease Your Insomnia

1. If you’re awake at night and desperate for sleep, imagine being held warmly and tenderly by someone who will listen with the ears of the Beloved (the source from which you know love is real) to every truth you have recognized throughout your day.  Next, generate a blanket of kindness for yourself.

2. With each truth you express say to yourself, “ how brave, how wonderful for you to see, to know this truth.”

3. You are not alone. Millions of others are also awake finding their way toward the truth of their lives that they know they must acknowledged.


Wisdom Prescription

Why don’t we use all the energy in our collective insomnia to mount a magical potent blast of loving reality for each other and ourselves.



Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte

One evening utterly exhausted in body and spirit David Whyte asks Brother David Steindl-Rast-

“Tell me about exhaustion,” I said……

“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest? The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

To Read more on this excerpt go to- link

photo by David C. MacKenzie

3 comments on “Our National Insomnia: A Call To Action

  1. Shayla Wright on

    David and Susan
    This is so good! As a coach and teacher, I have been amazed, over the last five years, at how many people are no longer able to sleep well.

    This is one of the most beautiful offerings I have read yet, about our collective incapacity to let go and rest in the arms of our Mother..

    Thank you!

    much love

  2. wendy on

    i personally enjoy those occasional times when i wake up in the middle of the night to “discuss” an issue that i have been ignoring or back burning. with no distractions and complexities, the answer is often right there for me and i can wake up in the morning and deal with it. so it would say it’s not all bad. AND the anxiety about insomnia only feeds it: celebrate the clarity of mid-night gifts!


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