How to See the Magical

How to see the magical

We live in a time that calls us to see truthfully and faithfully what is before us. It’s easy to condemn our perception of the truth as “magical thinking”.

In fact, we are trained to deny the truth of what we see.

We’re not talking about denying the truth of a stop sign or your beloved’s tears. The gift of the world today is that we all have the opportunity and the capacity to see and know the magical transformative truth of what we comprehend moment by moment.

How to See the Magical

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We often take seeing for granted. The simple physics and brain processing of how we see is astounding. Not taking the miracle of sight for granted is the first step in restoring our sense of wonder and possibility. Wonder and possibility allow magic to happen.

Seeing magically has gotten a bad rap. Often it means denying the truth or seeing what we want to see as in “magical thinking.”

Seeing the magic before you is part of your birthright.

Magic simply means seeing or perceiving beyond the ordinary. It can be a surprising moment when we discover there has been something in front of our vision that we can now see beyond.

The reality of magic and all the life within it, is only hinted at by the word. In fact, the very nature of magic is beyond words, it’s an experience. Magic and the miraculous are occurring every moment all around you and within you. Magic is restored when we learn to see beyond our everyday habits.

Even though the world of science has measured and described many of the functions that comprise the universe and the universe of life within our bodies, by comparison the amount that is unknown exceeds the little that is known.

Think about it-
How many events occur in your day that are ‘surprises’, ‘unexplained’ or ‘mysterious’?

As children our natural inclination is to see the magic of life. Often the adults around us are uncomfortable with the wholeness we are expressing in our jubilant ways of being.  As we learn to “get along”, we train ourselves out of comprehending the full scope of life’s expression before us.  We learn to doubt, hide, compress our lives and more specifically HOW we see. Our magical  perception is not lost, it’s just on hold.

Some Steps to Reclaim Your Natural Magic

1. What you call your perception, how you look, see and correspondingly feel is a learned set of habits pretending to be natural and automatic. The first step is to simply understand that and notice you’re seeing your habits, not necessarily what is.

2. Admit to yourself magic and the miraculous are your birthright- yes really! Don’t worry, your brain may freak out but it will recalibrate to the greater truth.

3. When you see beyond your training, your habits, say to yourself “oh, now I see”. This will strengthen what you have always known to be true and move it to the forefront of your consciousness.

4. Be grateful.

5. Remember, you were born to prosper through the gifts of wonder and curiosity.  Each of us, within those gifts, has the power to change the very atomics of the world we inhabit.

Wisdom Prescription

At first the arrival of the miraculous, the magical can be surprising. That’s only because it’s waking up the greater part of our consciousness that has been waiting to be fully used.  Some truths will emerge that might have alluded to their existence before but now you will see them and know them. You will learn to change course as you need to and will “steer around the storm” with ease and perfect timing. Everyone is a seer.

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