Breaking Open

Breaking Open

Breaking Open

Not long after our return from our Soul Food Journey to the UK, I had what I’m calling a breaking open.

A parking cop was in the process of giving us a ticket for the scooter and I managed to talk her out of it. No small feat in San Miguel ?. I then proceeded to hurry to leave the parking spot. Turning to exit on the three wheeled scooter, I caught a big yellow metal road divider with my front left wheel and went down breaking my collarbone.

And boy, did grace show up.

I jumped to my feet.  Right away, a man ran out and picked up the bike for me. David came out immediately. A good friend who is also a physician had been sitting with us, checked me out and he and his wife drove me to the local hospital for an x-ray, while David road the scooter home and picked up our car. Another doctor friend called one of the best orthopedic surgeons anywhere, and he met me within 10 minutes of arrival in his clinic 45 minutes away.

So only five hours after the accident, I was in surgery. A titanium plate was installed, and I awoke from surgery as if I had been in a lovely sleep.

What is the breaking open you might ask? (other than my collarbone ?)

  1. A Greater Connection to the Divine

Three weeks into what will be a several month healing process I’ve necessarily given myself time to rest. In that state of openness, I feel a greater connection to the divine source that is always with me.

2. Receiving More

And I’ve had to open up my ability to receive even more. David has lovingly assisted helping me get dressed, wash my hair and of course prepare fantastic food. And dear friends and neighbors have brought food, flowers and sent lovely notes.

3. Loving Stillness Everyday

At the moment,  I cannot physically do things I might otherwise be doing. And I need rest to assist the healing. There is a stillness in that rest, in just being, that is some of the soul food I need.

4. Allowing the Divine to Lead

I’ve been really focused on getting myself out of the way to allow spirit/the divine/source to lead. I couldn’t have used my will to make what happen run as smoothly and easily as it did. The shock I experienced necessitated that something other than my will prevail.  Grace is relentless and always available no matter what the circumstances.

5. A Greater Feeling of Gratitude 

In the deepening of gratitude for all the love from friends and the Divine, my soul has been deeply fed. What a terrific blessing a broken collarbone can be, don’t you think?


In love and gratitude,


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8 comments on “Breaking Open

  1. Jean on

    Hi Susan and David,
    Susan, thanks for sharing your healing journey with us!
    I trust the body will mend itself nicely.
    I am now in Panama, living on an island in the Bocas del Toro Archipeligo.
    I am with my partner Chad and enjoying lots of quiet time.
    Blessings to you both,
    Jean (Juanita)

  2. Linda Louise Vandiver on

    Susan, I am so sorry to hear this.!! Yet, I truly understand this situation myself. When I was hurt, I felt in many ways truly blessed, and I knew on a very deep level, that I was held in God’s hands. I rejoiced in the quiet, the solitude and aloneness that surrounded me. I was forced to stop. !! I needed to stop!! I needed to let people help me for a change!!
    You have just expressed very well, how it feels when this happens. Thank you!! and much love!!

  3. Sandra Dreger on

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Love and blessings to both you and David. I think of you often with much love and gratitude. My journey is progressing and healing is taking place. I concur that allowing spirit to enter makes everything easier.

  4. Mignon on

    Hi Susan (and David),
    Isn’t that interesting how we all find our own way to that soul feeding source?
    And now, you get to have a solid (titanium), permanent, strong, reminder! Fabulous!
    Thank you so much for your nourishing share! And happy mending/blending!

  5. Clementina Beas Moreno on

    Queridos Susan y David saludos cariñosos de Clemen ¡¡

    Apreciada Susan gracias por compartirnos tu experiencia y proceso que ahora ves y comprendes es una “Bendición y Sanación para tu Alma y Ser Divino”. Bendición que te está permitiendo hacer una ALTO y contactar con tu Ser Divino amándote y dejándote amar, para poder agradecer y comunicarte desde tu corazón con la Gran Consciencia Divina.

    WOW ¡ Qué gran bendición para tomar Consciencia y Evolucionar ¡¡

    TODO ES PERFECTO ¡. Y cada uno de nosotros estamos de una u otra manera haciendo nuestro trabajo personal Divino para Evolucionar y apoyar al Despertar de la Consciencia y Evolución de la Humanidad. Apoyando al gran inicio del NUEVO PARADIGMA de la Humanidad que es el “Sistema Colaborativo”.

    ¡¡ TODOS SOMOS UNO ¡¡.

    Les envío bendiciones, luz, fuerza y amor.

    Sinceramente Clemen

  6. Kai binford on

    Dear Susan, you are in line with other friends who have taken falls recently so I am being extra careful these days not to follow in your footsteps.
    I’m so sorry you have to go through this but as the old saying goes, ‘This too soon shall pass’. And you will be back to normal doing the good things you both know how to do. I miss seeing you and maybe some day I will get back to SMA. Best to you. Kai


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