A Cure for “I Don’t Know”

Not knowing how to do something or what’s around the next corner can feel terrifying even life threatening. ‘Not knowing‘ can be spooky and if we use old models of understanding a shock to our ego.

Venturing into the unknown can feel like climbing Mt. Everest.

Or being stopped as something as surreal as this pretend bullfighter.

When we hit the wall of our understanding, it’s an indicator that we’ve outgrown our old definitions for how we think our world should be.

That’s a good thing. We’re designed to “grow up” our whole lives. So hitting the limits of something we believe or understand is a great sign of our own growth.

Most of us were conditioned to fear this.
Our “educational training” was most often based on memorizing patterns of facts and then being able to say them back as proof we had learned them.

There is value in memorization, but…
However, our lives are bigger than anything we have ever memorized.
The uncertainty that comes from hitting the wall of how we’ve defined a relationship, a family, or what our body is supposed to do is an opportunity to jump into a greater knowing that will forever change us for the better.

How do we feel when we hit our limits of understanding and our ignorance shows up?

Maybe it feels like sinking, or that we suddenly weigh a ton. But there is another ingredient that sometimes we don’t notice, fear.
The trick is noticing the fear that goes with the heavy feeling. This fear response was conditioned into us from all of our years of fearing we didn’t know the answer, couldn’t spit up the facts.

Not knowing happens all the time.
We like to pretend it doesn’t.
Thank goodness it does because ‘not knowing’ is required for us to learn, grow and heal.
So what do we do to leap into the great unknown?
Or take a small step into newness and know we’ll be okay.

A Cure for “I Don’t Know”

The first thing to realize is that it’s good news and that we are built to learn.
We have what it takes.
We have the same explorers heart or discoverers mind as any of the great inventors that have ever lived.
Yes, we do!
We’re made from the same ingredients and can draw on the wisdom and information that surrounds us.

Uncertainty is a chance to reclaim personal power.
Our sovereignty is restored through the power of our willingness to learn and bloom bigger than we’ve believed we can.

Try this sentence when you are uncertain, when you don’t know.
It’s new software designed to reprogram old habits that are now to small to live in.

I am learning what it’s time for and I will know what I need to in perfect timing.

When people are telling us what we should do, be or think, remember, that’s about them not us.  They may have great information but until we allow ourselves to open and learn we’ll feel like we are being pushed around.

Give yourself time for the learning to sink in to your body, mind and spirit.
Knowing it in your brain isn’t enough.
It feels like “Aha! Oh, there it is “
Cherish that feeling. Let it move through you and then take a few moments to integrate the new understanding to map out the destination you want to get to.

A destination can simply be a new understanding or whole new direction we haven’t considered before. It’s the signal our sovereignty is surfacing.

Sovereignty feels free. We can become slaves to ideas and be controlled by them. When you claim your sovereignty that’s waiting inside you’ll feel lighter and powered up.

Here are three great built in tools to use when we’re learning new stuff:

Our intuitionthe wisdom in our hearts

The information we know- what’s in our brain

What our experience is telling us

Don’t push.
Allow what’s right, what’s fresh, what feels open to surface.
Then start to take the steps that are clear into the new welcoming world ahead.
You’ll be met by others of clarity, sovereignty and heart.


David and Susan
Wisdom Rx– Where we Learn, Grow, and Heal together.

3 comments on “A Cure for “I Don’t Know”

  1. Wayne Ford on

    I am most alive when I venture into the unknown. There is so much to discover on our magnificant Mother Earth……that I often can’t wait to wake up and see what life has in store for me. It does get scary at times, but you can never go back….at least for long.

    Thanks for venturing into such a great topic. Wandering Wayne

  2. Karen Lane on

    Thank you for continually opening doors to fresh and new reality continuously unfolding into greater and greater magnificence. We are deeply blessed!

  3. Mignon on

    Finally read this today. Perfect timing!
    Allowing the unfolding and the
    Big line for me “Give space to time”!
    Thank you! As usual, magnificent work!


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