What if Nothing’s Wrong?

What if nothing's wrong

Interesting Fact-

According to our research it seems there are over 16,000,000 civil cases filed in the state courts in America each year.  This is not the total number of lawsuits. In each of these cases one party believes they are “right” and the other part is “wrong”. The ideas of right and wrong are part of the fabric that makes up a civil and just society.

However, what happens when the habit of making something wrong with our physical condition, gets in the way of doing what we need to do to thrive and live? It’s the difference between grace and law.

What If Nothing’s Wrong? –
Auto pilot habits vs. inhabiting our choices

[youtube id=”wtfzSL3GduQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Radical Idea

If you were not feeling well, would you rather have the law applied to you or grace? Grace is another word for kindness. People heal more quickly in the midst of grace and kindness than under a set of imposed laws. Bodies are living dynamic system that require freedom for the person to create a path to strength and wellness.

Some Tips-

Tip #1- If you notice you’re making something wrong about your physical condition ask yourself if it is something you want to change. Then focus on what you want to change rather than using wrongness as a motivator.


Tip #2- Several times a day ask yourself; right now do I feel that I’m grace-ful or bound by laws? If you find yourself bound, what can you change to feel freer? Freedom is just a thought away

Wisdom Prescription-

Decide once and for all that you are a being who honors the laws in which you live, and that the spirit that you are is guided by the greater presence of overwhelming Love, kindness and wisdom beyond words.

Book Recommendation-

The Physics of Angels: Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet
By Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake   Link

If you’ve ever wanted to prove to yourself using a blend of contemporary physics and powerful spiritual inquiry that angels as a life force exist, this book will be a treat for you. The introduction alone is worth the read.

2 comments on “What if Nothing’s Wrong?

  1. Betsy on

    Thank you! David and Susan,
    I now have a new mantra:
    “Freedom is just a thought away.”
    So true So true So true
    Just need to remember that in every moment.

    Muchisimas gracias mis amigos,

  2. Walter on

    Beautiful video, David and Susan. I’ll think of that whenever I hear that someone is “fighting” an illness.

    Love and gratitude,



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