What Did I Just Say?

Do you ever hear yourself saying or thinking “hey wait a minute what did I just say?”

It’s easy to keep going and miss a critical moment of clarity that wants to come home inside you so your wisdom can grow. Next time you hear or feel yourself say something juicy, stop and review your immediate experience of whom you’re with and ask yourself what am I really understanding.

Just asking that question will radically change how you live yourself. Wondering like that is a curiosity activator that will grow your wisdom and give you the power to change the course of your life. After all, they are your bits of wisdom wanting you to notice.

Curiosity is our friend and teacher. It is the first step in receiving our own wisdom.

One comment on “What Did I Just Say?

  1. Mignon on

    Thank you for helping me trust that more, Susan and David.
    When my “dyslexia” and whom is in company and the subject at the time comes out, it is always curious. It is like truth, but from a deeper place, and a whole lot more interesting. In my last post on your blog, it came out at least twice. So, rather than gleam over it, it is time to pay more attention to what is really being said. Again, thank you for anchoring in the curiosity!
    Love you both,


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