Pregnant with Your Own Future?

Pregnancy takes many forms. We’ve learned that clients who are preparing themselves to bring life into the world must become “pregnant with pregnancy”. They must prepare the way physically spiritually, practically so that their role as parent can be fulfilled as gracefully as possible.

What does it mean to be pregnant?

Photo By David C. MacKenzie

We usually think it’s just about babies.

It’s really about bringing new life forth. Bringing forth life is always a gamble. Sometimes it doesn’t go quite the way we want it to. But it always goes where it needs to and provides the essential ingredients for joy to prevail.

Pregnancy for men?

Men manifest pregnancy as well. The desire to live beyond choices that set a certain life path in motion must be “delivered” or physical consequences may result from not bringing that new life out into the world.

Pregnancy during chemotherapy and radiation?

When someone is in the midst of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, we’ve found that they do better when they become “pregnant” with the life they want to live that’s beyond the limits their illness imposes. Creating a rich vision of what they want to be and do, what they want to gift into the world, is a bridge of life.

If we allow for the idea that pregnancy is more than just birthing babies then:

Are you pregnant with your own future?

  • What are you pregnant with now?
  • What is your body, your spirit needing to bring forth as life?

The consequences of ignoring or holding back the life that is gestating inside will often show up as illness or injury. The seeds of life inside you require care and nurturing now for greater health.

Pregnant at any stage of life?

Regardless of how old we are, we continue to be pregnant with life itself. We birth life through our words, actions and intentions.

As the beginning of the year unfolds, take time to honor what is pregnant inside you. If you want support for your process contact us. Tend to the new life inside you that wants to birth as if it was your most precious child. You’ll live better.

2 comments on “Pregnant with Your Own Future?

  1. Meri on

    I love this post, you two!! I am sooooo pregnant with my future right now and it’s really helpful to have that metaphoric lens to view things with. There’s a move, a big turn in the road, and a whole new relationship with myself right in my face. Feels just like it did when I was pregnant for the 9th time (after 8 miscarriages) with my son and terrified that I’d lose him before he could be born…

    I could change that story, couldn’t I? Thanks for the lens!!


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