Our Pilgrimage Has Already Begun

Our Pilgrimage Has Already Begun

Some would say heading off on a pilgrimage and shutting down for a period of time is a little bit crazy. However, we’ll be doing just that. We are leaving behind our connection to clients, home, all the momentum and trappings of our lives in order to stay honest to the soulful truth that we each are.

The bells of San Miguel are joyously clanging in the background filling the air with their reminder of the comfort and beauty of where we live. And yet, their bell song reminds us to stop, drop and pray so that a greater presence of love and grace can prevail in each of our lives.

Our pilgrimage has already begun.

We and our dear friend Dwight Konrad who will be journeying with us, are each stepping toward the rich pathway of what’s next in each of our lives.

The perfect truth is, we do not know who we will be, or what will follow after having walked the sacred pathways of England and Scotland. All we know is that it’s time to cast away the old molds, no matter how beautifully created, that hold us in ancient limitation.

Each of you, and happily most of you, are aware that every one of us is on a pilgrimage of our own creation. So, perhaps you’ll dance with us in these rich questions.

No matter how beautiful, no matter how comfortable, no matter how much investment, is the creation of my life truly serving the song of my heart?

Or as we heard someone say recently, “If I really followed my heart then my life would change, so would my family, my marriage, maybe even my career.  I’m too scared to change even though I really want to, so I’ll just stay the same.”

If the song in your heart is on loud and the comfort you’ve felt is no longer satisfying, what might you lay down so that you can step into the calling of your life?

To be continued…..

Love, David, Susan and Dwight


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6 comments on “Our Pilgrimage Has Already Begun

  1. Michael Meinecke on

    As I read the opening statement, I thought wow could I do that just disconnect. I started feeling fear just thinking about it. I have been thinking about this a lot lately… what is my purpose here in this life. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to talking with Dwight to gain further information on his journey, which I believe will help me with mine.

  2. Clementina Beas Moreno on

    Felicidades queridos amigos Susan, David y Dwight ¡¡.
    Estoy emocionada junto con Uds. por esteatinado cambio en su vida.
    Les deseo un mágico y bello Camino de Evolución, Transformación, Renacimiento y Reinvención de su NUEVA VIDA. No son los únicos que están cambiando de Paradigma, yo estoy también transitando y descubriendo en el mismo Camino. Y quiero que sepan que todo está a nuestro favor ¡¡. Sinceramente y con cariño deseando lo mejor para todos su amiga Clementina Beas Moreno.
    “La vida de un amigo, es la nuestra, como la verdadera vida de cada uno es la de todos.” George Sand

  3. Francesca Robinson on

    I’m so excited for you all!!! I’ve been on 3 pilgrimages: Nepal, India and Thailand plus my 4 month solo winter retreat last year – I share this to express that I LOVE pilgrimages and the opening that is created, changes too – YES indeed! ALL WELCOME. Bless you and your journey. Big hugs 😉 along with love and gratitude.


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