Occupy Our Hearts With Thanks

Occupy our hearts with thanks

Why is it time to occupy our hearts with thanks every day and in every way?  Because the world needs us to.

Thankfulness helps us thrive. It’s fuel.

Being thankful is a skill that gets stronger the more we use it. And being 100% thankful now allows for creative possibility to occur.

We can be thankful for everything in our lives. Sure it seems easier to give thanks when someone prepares a fantastic meal, or gives us the longed for iPad that we’ve been secretly wishing we could purchase.

But what about being thankful for grief and sorrow?

Can we be thankful for our economic woes or the sadness and grief we feel because our brother died? Yes this is a radical thought, but we’ve been testing it and it works wonders.

The majesty of life isn’t just about the joys we experience. The beauty of being human includes our capacity to feel all that life has to offer. By practicing and occupying our hearts with thankfulness, we honor all of life and strengthen our own.

Isn’t it time for radical change? What if occupying our hearts 100% with thankfulness opens us to 100% creativity propelling us into great possibility.

Here’s a six minute feast on gratitude and thankfulness.
If you have six minutes now, enjoy. If not, come back later and savor this gift.

[youtube id=”nj2ofrX7jAk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Happiness in Thanksgiving to you.

All of us together are a symphony playing itself in the amazing ordinariness of every day life.

4 comments on “Occupy Our Hearts With Thanks

  1. tamara on

    As Mother Teresa loved to say, “The only real success is faithfulness.” To be faithful to this inner love is in itself the greatest success. It is of itself the possibility. No outer successes are necessary to be happy.


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