How To Have Good Relations with Mexicans

How To Have Good Relations with Mexicans

We wanted to share the launch of a project dear to our hearts that we filmed here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Many of you know that we have a history as filmmakers and produce what we call Media as Medicine as part of Wisdom Rx.

When we moved to Mexico, we signed up for Spanish lessons with Warren Hardy who’s been teaching Spanish here for almost 30 years. He is a master educator deeply steeped in the cultural differences between Mexico and The United States. Partway into our first class he gave a lecture on “How to Have Good Relations with Mexicans.” We were not only thoroughly impressed with the content but also with Warren’s wonderful capacity to deliver the message.

Warren was thrilled with the idea of making this available to the world. We have already seen in our own lives how understanding the differences between the US and Mexican cultures and core values has enabled us to have better relationships everywhere.

We’re now ready to share this film with the world – for FREE — and want anyone who engages with Mexicans to see it: corporations, airlines, travel agencies, educators, as well as individuals. We made this film as a game changer.

How To Have Good Relations With Mexicans

It is our hope that we can through greater understanding change the way two diverse and wondrously creative countries can coexist with ease, compassion and collective success.

We are reaching out and asking each of you to watch this video and then pass on the link to anyone you think might be interested.  Please, help us go viral and spread the good word of this most important message.


Muchos saludos,

David and Susan

p.s. Below is a Bonus called “What Is a Mexican to Me”.

What’s A Mexican To Me

2 comments on “How To Have Good Relations with Mexicans

  1. Blanca on

    Ah! Love these pieces. What a beautiful job you two have done here! Please keep going! I sent this on to family who will be coming to San Miguel and friends as well. I received appreciative comments of how valuable this is for them, especially before they come. I had heard Warren in his class, but to see it again in your video, opens my heart and appreciation more for the people here. I feel like it is an invitation to be “in” and “a part of” the culture, not just “visiting”. Much Love and hank you, again!

  2. Don on

    This video will be such a gift to anyone living in Mexico or planning to visit this wonderful country that is so different from the US. The message is simple, yet profound… and learning and using these few wonderful phrases when in Mexico will enhance not only the expat or visitors experience, but honor our Mexican neighbors as well. I will be forwarding the video to many of my friends, both in Mexico and in the states.


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