What is Media as Medicine?

First, media is medicine. The question is, is it healthy or toxic?
We create media as a positive, healing force. Here are links to our media company and current projects.


How to Have Good Relations with Mexicans

How to have good relations with Mexicans

We have already seen in our own lives how understanding the differences between the US and Mexican cultures and core values has enabled us to have better relationships everywhere.

Please, help us go viral and spread the good word of this most important message.


Everyday Wonder Productions

Media as Medicine

Wonder Works Wonders.

As filmmakers at Everyday Wonder Productions, we understand that a story well told can change the present and grow a better future. Our passion is to reveal stories in a way that reminds us all of our ability to create our world through loving kindness.


The Trouble With Normal

The Trouble With Normal

In this feature length documentary, mental health might not be what you think it is.

The Notion of ‘Normal’ has become very expensive to maintain. And often, trying to make something or someone normal is counterproductive. Are the current number of mental health issues a reflection of a too limited definition of ‘normal’? It’s time to remember that normal isn’t an answer, It’s an option in the Trouble With Normal.


The Next US

The Next US

The Next US is a journey into the heart of America to find those who are thriving while supporting high standards of community, sustainability, ecology, and cultural evolution.

These five minute shorts as seen on PBS will warm your heart and open your eyes to possibilities you might not have considered before. Join the new paradigm of utilizing positive media as medicine!

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