A Cure For When You’re Screaming Inside

A cure for when you're screaming inside

There is a lot of screaming going on these days.

When you’re screaming inside, Sometimes there’s a truth inside us just waiting to be noticed.

Sometimes that truth, the truth we must know gets louder and louder and can becomes a howl, a scream that won’t go away. Screaming has gotten a bad rap.

Is there any screaming going on in you?

Sometimes all we can hear is the scream and miss the message.

How do we cure when we’re screaming inside?

Truth ignored doesn’t go away.
Truth wants our attention, our compassion, and our love.

Sometimes children scream as a pattern interrupt for what’s going on around them. They’ve reached a place where the only thing they can do to survive is make a sound, their own sound that cancels the noise all around them.

Screaming isn’t the easiest thing to be with however, if we can experience our own cries or the cries of those around us as expressions of vigorous truth, then we can give the gift of understanding.

Understanding a scream isn’t the same as understanding one of these sentences you are reading.

A scream is always about feelings that have no other way of being expressed. Really hearing someone’s scream or your own, opens up a spectrum of understanding that can be profoundly nurturing and life changing.

You may be screaming for freedom or relief from a way of thinking and being that you can no longer tolerate.

Here’s what to do-

Don’t look for understanding in a linear way.  See and feel the pictures in the sound.  Surrender your logic and a powerful truth will come to you like a breath of fresh air.

If you or someone around you is screaming, the scream is really trying to get your attention.

Edvard Munch’s painting tells us a powerful story about truth, about feelings, about overwhelm needing to be expressed.  Pretending we don’t get overwhelmed or sometimes don’t feel crazy can throw us into a tailspin of depression and anxiety.

You may hear the silent or out loud screams for the ache of the planet or the far away screams of the families in the Philippines who have lost the foundation of their world. You may hear the screams of your children trying to find their place in the world. Hearing a scream isn’t fatal, it’s loving.

Sometimes the most powerful gift we can give someone is simply to hear, really hear all that they have to express.

When we really hear another, or ourselves, wholly, possibilities open up because really hearing is really being present. There is no need to fix anything when we’re present because in that sacredness transformation and healing begin.

What can you hear in yourself or others that’s yelling for comprehension?

Can you let yourself hear the cries for change and simply know that your listening is a gift of love that unlocks what’s been trapped?

Can you give yourself space to let the message behind the scream surface so that possibility turns on?

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