A Cure for When You Feel Stupid

A cure for when you feel stupid


Stupid is a word with big teeth.

It is a word we each learned from someone who misunderstood the wondrous value of not knowing.
It is a word designed to take a piece out of the soulful confidence, the soulful knowing that we are.
It is a word designed to shackle and limit the voice of truth in your heart.

What is the cure for when you feel stupid?

Stupid is a word that activates itself quickly.

If you notice the speed with which it can presence itself, bit itself into your heart, you have begun to take away its power.

You cannot be stupid because in truth you come from the vast wisdom that life is.
You truly are of God.
You are built from timeless wisdom.

On the other side of  Stupid is the knowing that you are whole.

Errors in understanding are the most valuable symptom of new understanding evolving and real change, real growth occurring.

The most important part of the healing of Stupid is to recognize the lie that the word points to.

Long ago you were trained to believe that what you thought you knew were the facts that underpinned the world around you.

It has been proven over and over that all facts about the known world are temporary.

Your life is larger than any set of facts.
The word Stupid is designed to shrink the rich knowing you are.

The cure lays in understanding the word is a lie.

Not knowing something is to be loved as a state of being.

Now it is time to welcome the necessary not knowing that is everywhere in your world so that the matrix of illusion can once and for all fall away.

Is this not what you long for?

Now is the time for gratitude to become connected to uncertainty.
Yes, uncertainty.

Now you are invited and endorsed by love itself to welcome this great shift with courage and heart.

Sit still with uncertainty and you will begin to see the path of rich life that is before you.

The word Stupid has been trained into you and activates itself very quickly.
Now you can catch it, change it, exceed it.

There is a judgment in Stupid that wants to bring death to the next step of growth we are all being called into.
Revolt against this word and it’s legacy.

You have never been nor will ever be Stupid.

It is impossible.

You will be uncertain. That is the symptom of life in motion.
And with kind patience you will come to understand, to know, in ways that will bring you joy, freedom and love.


David and Susan


5 comments on “A Cure for When You Feel Stupid

  1. 1stConstance on

    A loving hello to everyone who’s given way to fear and felt Stupid.
    You are not alone! LOL Judgement of ourselves creates a sense of fear of not being accepted or possibly even rejected, or negatively judged by others of how we look, or what it is we have said, done or ???? A state of mind that is “earthbound,” (limited), and usually kept within to fester and rob of of our true nature. Thanks to Susan and David bringing “Stupid” to light allows us to understand that love of self and the innate and eternal knowing of unconditional love, sheds this dark negativity of a learned/taught “earth bound” thought. We are all unique let’s rejoice in our awakening to unconditional love and acceptance. Thanks to the both of you for bringing this into the light. Always in Light and Love, C

  2. Susan on

    I love the image of a “word with big teeth.” Gorgeous.

    Unabashed strength. Fierceness. There is no question here. Only warrior. Of light.

    Thank you for such modeling.

  3. Carina on

    Love this. I felt a warm bubble of something loving birthing in my heart as I was reading and as I write these words to you both in gratitude. What is this mysterious feeling gripping my center. It feels both painful (like a stretch that releases something that is ready to leave) and freeing. Yes, this feels deeply loving and non judging on the inside. I also feel peaceful. This wisdom prescription brings peace to my heart. Aaaaah! I do not need to have “all the answers” at “all times”. I am not responsible for all solution finding. Not holding the space for all these “have to do things” does not make me stupid or lazy. I now have a renewed permission to “be” instead of just “do”. Time for space to bring in light. Hugs to you both. C in Nelson

  4. Mignon on

    Yep! My thoughts, too! Trained that I “should know”. “Not knowing” was “stupid”. Yes, it keeps one down into shame. No, this N. American culture does not allow for wisdom to enter in each “not knowing” moment. Yes, it trains us to enslave ourselves getting logical answers from someone else rather than allowing of our own timing. Thank you for this. Wonderful. Much Live to you 3. Mignon


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