When You Gotta Go, You Gotta GO!

Why is it that we don’t ‘go‘ when we know we’ve got to?

Aren’t we amazing all the ways we hold ourselves back?

Yes, we can even hold ourselves back from going to the bathroom when we really need to. For some reason, we don’t want to get rid of our own waste when it’s time.

We can keep ourselves from doing or saying something that we know in our hearts is true.  That little naysayer in our heads can show up and say,

“Don’t go there. I can’t have that.  I can’t do that.  That’s impossible. I might learn something and that might change everything. I don’t want everything to change do I? Isn’t my life comfortable? Aren’t I happily settled?”

How wonderful if we are content and don’t want to change anything. But….

If we feel even the slightest unsettling in our life, it’s a sign that we need to pay attention to the spring of life poking its head into our awareness. In spring it takes some effort for new shoots to break through the ground, but once the seed is germinated and given the right nutrients and water, it will find its way to the light.

Settling for something, letting doubt take over, staying frozen in fear are all habits that we act on to keep us from going where we need to go.  It can be as subtle as sitting in a meeting and needing to go to the bathroom but feeling too polite to excuse one’s self.

If we don’t go where we are called to go, we can stunt our growth and even make ourselves sick.

Change is what life is all about. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

How do we go where we need to go so we can grow?
We can ask ourselves “What’s growing up in our knowing that really wants our attention?”

Let this spring be about going where you need to go and not holding back, not resisting the natural changes that life presents.

Here’s a Blessing for the Go Power of Spring


Look around.
Feel and smell the fragrance of newness that is coming present where you are.
You are not separate from the call of life that spring is.
You are within a season of bright life pushing its way forth.

Don’t you feel this call to life?

You are fertile with possibility and knowing that is pushing it’s way through your habits,  your histories, and even your comfortable world.

How wonderful, that you are alive and can know this in even greater ways.
What you are is vaster than any predicament that wants to hold you in place.
You are alive beyond reason.

Your life is brighter than the doubt that visits you.
Were it not so, you would not feel doubt and know it as such.

This particular spring has a blessing of vitality that calls you.
You may be called to lay down the tools you are so accustomed to using to shape your life.

Life does not waste life.

What you put down, let go of, will be returned with an upsurge of love, of life and of aliveness beyond what you currently know.

Letting go of what has been held, even dearly, prepares the way and opens the floodgates for your sacred life’s return.

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