The New Assisted Living

The New Assisted Living

Sometimes I resist taking my own medicine.

Recently I went on a trip to the United States to obtain my permanent visa for Mexico. Even after six months of asking questions and doing research, it was never quite clear what the requirements for the visa were. So I started out with a vague sense of what I needed, a copy of practically every bank statement for the last six months and a lot of prayers.

My friend Nancy, Nancy G. Shapiro, went with me sharing the drive and so much more.  We stayed with friends of Nancy‘s in San Antonio who graciously opened their home and shared much love and humor.

Our friend Tim referred to us staying there as “the new assisted living”. We loved the re-frame.

10 comments on “The New Assisted Living

    • Lola Weiss on

      yes, Susan…It is so good to be able to ask for assistance, and to know that loving friends( and even many times just strangers) are open to be of help! I enjoyed your tale of the visa project, and I’m so happy that you were able to sigh and say “O.K., good,that’s wonderful”! I look forward to hugging you very soon…June 14!

  1. Flavio Ghia on

    We Are Not Hear To See Through Each Other.
    We Are Hear To See Each Other Through.

    The above was a saying from a close friends Quaker Grandmother. Things blooming in the Mountains, and patches of green are in Webber Canyon, need moisture. Life goes on in a Yogimbo state of mind.


  2. Eirwen on

    Beautiful, Susan! Thank you for your courageous vulnerability. Interesting that your Beloved, David, prompted you to ask for assistance. I teach my students to always ask assistance, and from their peers as well. Yet, I don’t even realize when I need the assistance. Thank you, Susan (and David).. This opens up my trusting heart even more. Now, honk of all the possibilities…!

  3. Tena & Fred on

    So enlightening to read your story. We have just been wandered thru a similar “sharing” in our relationship and come to a realization that it’s OK to accept help when it’s offered. I love the analogy of ” assisted living”

  4. Jo on

    Hola, dear Susan.

    Thank you so much for recording the sweet heart-based details of the “beginning to the end” of your expedition. So beautifully written and beautifully honored.
    And I’m remembering the times that you’ve assisted me in holding the support system that ensured the best outcome in my ever-evolving story.

    What a joy to see it passed forward!!


  5. Susan on

    Susan. Lovely. Thank you. Reminds me of Jay (Perry) talking about the circle of generosity. Our receptivity completes the circle! Love you!

  6. Karen Lane on

    How very beautiful! Congratulations for navigating your challenging situation so brilliantly! I love living in assisted living! I love assisting and being assisted. It makes me feel so grateful for all the assists in my life and all the assisters, and especially for YOU beloveds!!!

  7. Kai B on

    Susan, what a journey it was to obtain your permanent visa. And your dear and understanding friend, Nancy, to be there for you and assist you in another live and living experience. I am so excited to see you and David this summer in San Miguel. Lots of love to you both! Kai

  8. Barbara EIsele on

    Hi Susan, and David. Thanks for your sharing. I love the context. It’s so very true that we are to live in assisted living with others. We sure have discovered that over the last year with our life journey through foreclosure and all that has entailed. Sure showed me how ‘alone’ I live. Working on this one each day now. Sounds like you are really enjoying Mexico. All the best, Barb and John, too.


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