The Ghosts In Our Words

The ghosts in our words

The Ghosts in Our Words

Some words and phrases that make up our values, ideas and basic beliefs are too small because the ghosts of the past are hanging out in our vocabulary.

You probably know the expression “saying one thing and meaning something else”. Most of us like to think of ourselves as honest people and mainly we are. Unless we’re living under the tyranny of someone else’s words or ideas that we haven’t self defined.

When you say phrases like-

 “I trust you”

“I’m disappointed ”

“What a shame”

“I’m just getting high”

Or Words like- love, trust, loyalty, God, family.

Ask yourself,  whose definition am I really living under?

[youtube id=”nlo7N7X3OLQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

As children we see and learn definitions through the behaviors of our parents, teachers, and other adults model. However, certain words and phrases require each of us to self define them or we’ll live under a cloud of misunderstanding ourselves and those around us.

To keep maturing we must live beyond the limits of those words and phrases. That’s how we create next generation wisdom to share with others.

Words and phrases in their best form help us communicate our heart and soul. When we look away from the truth and speak in platitudes and euphemisms, there is a longing for the missing truth that builds up.

What happens to all the hunger for the truth that we can’t quite seem to get to?

The desire for truth will win out and sometimes people act out their need for truth in shocking ways. Many say dis-ease is the expression of truth emerging from a body.

What hunger for truth in you is pushing against your heart inviting you into new and necessarily uncharted territory beyond definition?

Truth often goes beyond our definition of what’s polite, but always clears the ground for more love.

Radical Request

Send us comments on the phrases or words you’re redefining to free yourself so you can speak the truth even more.

5 comments on “The Ghosts In Our Words

  1. Rose on

    What a provocative reminder of the power of words and how we can use them for our good or manipulate them to cover our wounds. The Ghost In Our Words should be a book…or a documentary. Its such a rich field for needed exploration. Let’s talk more……

  2. Shayla Wright on

    This is great, David and Susan..

    Calls me back to something i feel my way into all the time, the belief that language is expressing truth about our world and our experience, when in fact it is creating our world. and our experience.

    Much love to you both

  3. Meri Walker on

    I just LOVE this video, you two!! “Words that are too little for us to live in…” graphically realized. Brilliant!

    I’m getting deeper and deeper involved with using The Work to help people break open the boxes that words and thoughts are trapping them in. It makes me happy to see you two using your massive creativity to make this powerful possibility make sense.



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