The Chiapas Jungle Report

We are on a sacred journey and have taken each of you with us.

Here’s our report at the midway point. We’ve included a series of photographs for you as there is a wordless beauty that keeps presenting itself.

We’ve traveled just over 1000 miles down into the heart of Chiapas. We have been met with kindness, a little curiosity but overall hospitality. As we write, we are in Palenque. It is the site of an extensive Mayan city abandoned about 1200 years ago.

palenque ruins

Palenque Ruins Chiapas Mexico
© David C. MacKenzie

There are more than a dozen local languages in addition to Spanish. The jungle here has relentless life force. When the first temples were discovered they were completely covered by vegetation. No one knows why the builders and all the inhabitants left.

Jungle Beauty © David C. MacKenzie

Jungle Beauty
© David C. MacKenzie

We are awash in life by the jungle and the hearts of all those we encounter. And they are teaching us to be present, to be in the right now of life itself.


Weaving in Chiapas
© David C. MacKenzie

Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We are steeped in sacredness, inescapably surrounded by glorious life beyond reason. The sacredness we are within is helping us to serve you with greater love and clarity.


San Juan Chamula, Chiapas

We will return to San Miguel by March 19th, 2014 with our new learning ready to serve you.

David and Susan

6 comments on “The Chiapas Jungle Report

  1. Ruth Hayward on

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures as you explore the beautify of this country we call “Home”
    Be safe, be well

  2. Cynda on

    Thank you both for the unconditional love. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
    Your vibrations touch us all.
    Blessings! In much love, Cynda

  3. Grace on

    Thank you for sharing your journey and sacred holding of us all.
    Your courage of heart , body and spirit is supported in great love.

  4. Lindea on

    Oh, so wonderful to see your pictures of Chiapas! I explored Chiapas, Oaxaca and so many amazing places in Mexico back in the early ’70s. Your pictures bring that magical time back into present-time awareness!


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