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How to Receive a Sacred Breath

How to Receive a Sacred Breath

The network that is the human psyche is in a collective state of overwhelm.

Many have the sensation that they are underwater more than normal. Think about what it’s like to be underwater.

You can hear sounds, but they’re muffled. You can see light, but it’s diffused. You’re holding your breath and waiting to break to the surface.

Even though people are not literally underwater, they feel generally that taking a breath seems impossible. So, they breathe as if through a straw. It’s hard work.

We’ve forgotten how to naturally breathe. Subtly and not so subtly our mind and our emotions have high-jacked the natural and powerful capacity we all have to receive sacred breath without any work.

When we relax and trust our natural capacity to breathe, we literally allow a breath of fresh air to come into our lives and create a new way to feel energized. In this video, David shares how the essence of breath is sacred and asks us to remember to receive not take a breath.

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Susan and David