Stop Seeing Yourself Through The Past

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Stop Seeing Yourself Through The Past

We’ve been inspired and supported lately by Paul Selig’s book “The Book of Mastery.” We’ve published years of blogs pointing out all the ways we have been taught to think and believe and we’ve offered many ways to learn to perceive anew and how to turn that perception into a new way of being.

There is a call to action that is happening throughout the world to break through our old ways of being and allow the truth of who we are to come to the forefront.

In just a few words, Paul and the Guides bring into focus and create an invitation to cast off the old dead past.

“So many of you get stuck, you see, when you cause yourself fear, when you demand to know yourselves through what you have been. What you have been means so little in the face of who you are. What you have known yourself as has gotten you here perhaps, but like yesterday’s dress that no longer fits very well, to try to perceive the self through one’s old self keeps you in an old way that has no real bearing on who and what you are.” Paul Selig The Book of Mastery A Channeled Text p. 302

We’d love to hear from you:

  • How do you perceive yourself through filters of the past?
  • Who are you really?
  • Isn’t it time to let that part out?

Please leave your comments below.

in Love,
Susan and David

5 comments on “Stop Seeing Yourself Through The Past

  1. Julie on

    Hi David and Susan!
    I LOVE Paul Selig’s work and just started a weekly teleseminar with him called “Freedom From Fear”. I believe releasing fear and our history is critical to becoming who we are meant to be. I often refer to an old career of mine as a past life because it is so not who I am now and I can’t even relate to who I was back then. My work right now is to surrender to what is and not attach to what has been. Thanks for this post and you thought provoking questions. Sending love.

    • Susan & David on

      It is so wonderful to hear from you and to know that the old dresses no longer fit. Thanks for your willingness and courage to grow beyond your old skin. in love S and D

  2. Richard Holcomb on

    A timely message from a vital new source, my treasured friends. I am fiercely in the present—physically and spiritually–after half a year of life threatening illness and recovery in Denver. Now open to a new paradym here or possibly the very intimate, multicultural Santa Fe.
    Your messages and your example are a great blessing at this turning


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