Serendipity and Desire

Serendipity and Desire

Meet Squinty the Magic Cat, The Newest Member of Wisdom Rx.

Sometimes desires take time to mature. We’ve been thinking about having a cat for several years.  Serendipity and desire brought us a cat who’s a lot of fun. Our friend Bill upon leaving our house around midnight one evening heard a cat meowing in the bushes. Twenty minutes later after digging the cat out from the thicket our door bell rings and Bill is standing there holding Squinty and hands him over to David.

He’s called Squinty because his left eye squints a bit.  We’ve learned, by reading on the internet that when cat’s blink at you it is a sign of love. Squinty is a love magnifier, smart, quirky and playful. He loves to sit on David’s shoulder during sessions.

And he’s magical because he can change the most ordinary moment into one of surprise and delight. Instead of working at getting what we wanted, we let go and trusted. Serendipity and desire brought us an added love magnifier who is ready to work.

6 comments on “Serendipity and Desire

  1. Ruth Hayward on

    Ahh… so happy for you guys. And I didnt know that when my cat squints at me it is a sign of love!
    Enjoy the new member of your family, I love the colour

  2. Mignon on

    JohnGray, says MEOW! Me,too! What a cutie. Welcome to your live little Budah! Have great fun! Much love, mutual feline lovers, Mignon and Dene and the gang.


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