Guadalupe -The Game Changer

Guadalupe -The Game Changer

About a year ago we began to have some disturbances in our neighborhood here in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.

One morning, we discovered very large graffiti covering about 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall on an exterior wall of our house.  In addition there had been a theft at a neighbor’s house. We talked with neighbors and some thought it might be good to hire a night watchman, but no consensus was reached.

Most of all we really didn’t want to create barriers within our neighborhood that is a mix of Mexicans and Gringos. And yet how might we discourage a repeat once we painted over the graffiti?


Then we had an idea that wasn’t based in fear.
What if we put a large painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the house?

She is a powerful symbol of life in Mexican culture and adorns many homes here.

And then…everything started to fall into place easily.

A Mexican friend knew a local artist who could paint the Virgin on metal so that she could be moved when the construction on the houses next door started that would cover up the wall.

Next, we talked to the construction company who wanted to support good relations since they were going to soon begin to build 4 houses and they offered to pay for half of the Virgin.

Our friend also knew a priest. It was very important to invite the neighborhood to the Virgin’s blessing. He brought loud speakers and announced when the priest was coming. We, and some gringo friends served the neighborhood food and drink afterwards.

Then our Mexican neighbors wanted to host a “locos” dance for us in thanks. Two weeks after the Virgin was installed David could be seen dancing as Fred Flintstone as our friend’s wife and I served Tamales and a special Mexican drink called atole.

All of a sudden, it seemed as if we had gone from a place of fearing what might happen next to celebrating and dancing with everyone in the neighborhood.

The Virgin of Guadalupe moved recently from our wall to our neighbor Senor Loreto’s home since the houses next door are now being built.  Together with Senor Loreto and son we painted their wall where the Virgin now resides.

People stop often and have a brief moment of prayer and to leave flowers. She’s been a gift to us and all who pass by her. We became a part of the blessing of the mother.

We chose not to be afraid but to offer a symbol of love, honoring and acceptance.

It’s a great lesson to us in how choosing a path of integration and respect and not acting from fear can bring forth goodness.

10 comments on “Guadalupe -The Game Changer

  1. Blanca on

    My heart is on overwhelm bursting tears of love for the Virgin, and your story of choosing love over fear and the communitizing of gringos and the Mexican people because of it. Thank you so much, you too!
    Abrazos and Love,

  2. Ruth Hayward on

    We need to send your message of choosing Love over Fear to the world To Syria, to the Ukraine, Iraq, Yeman, and to all those who those who own guns to “protect” themselves, this world where Fear dominates. I hope one day all the people of the world will dance together rather than fight, as you chose to do with you Mexican neighbors. BRAVO!

  3. LolavCummngs Weiss on

    The wall looks beautiful,and all the neighbors workng on it prove to us all that the spirit of togethernes
    and cooperation could prove to be the the ultimate solution to the world’s tragedies..
    I admire you both for this thoughtful loving gft to the community.

  4. Jean Owen on

    Dear Susan and David,
    What a blessing it was to read of this act of love you performed. We all do have the capacity to do this very thing in our lives and will be given opportunities to ‘ come from love rather than fear ‘.

    I wept when I read your story and how it has unfolded. I believe that everything that I think an do in my world has an impact in the greater world…and so my goal is to reside in peace and extend love when ever given the opportunity.
    Love, light and blessings to you my dear ones,
    Jean (tompahma-woman who walks with the apples)

  5. Betsy on

    Wow! I am deeply touched by your beautiful story. What a difference we can make in our communities, our world, when we respond from a place of LOVE! Thank You so much for sharing this story. I love you.

  6. Jo Norris on

    Queridos de Paz y Amor, Deep thanks for anchoring this sacred image within your community. The resonance
    moves outward and on outward to transform our planet into a safe home for all Beings.
    We’re all gathered in this together!! Jo, in gratitude … .. ..

  7. Carina on

    David and Susan, I love the courageous, inspired choice. Synchronistically, I am learning this path as I walk it too a world away. I am liking the good company on the journey. xo

  8. Linda H on

    David and Susan,

    I am totally new toy your side and work,and I am very connected to something here,
    I was lead to a church in Summit Nj , where Dominican Nuns worship and pray and live. I had a small miracle having there, it was a day ago,and somehow this connection is art of it , I awed my intuition to guise me and followed a stranger , a sweet holy won need Mary, tooth’s church( we connected at the A& P in New Providence, I saw the tags on her neck of the holy mother and commented and then off were were in cars to this church, and while there I felt a drawn toward a side nave and there was the same image of Guadalupe, only as a mosaic,!
    Thank you for posting this, it speaks volumes!
    I take from this beautiful story of non- violent communication and compassionate action, i receive the heart of it into my own mind and heart, , to seek to respond habitually from love rather than fear.I am noticing the difference. I would lime visit Miguel De Allende one day and share intuitive Touch Drawing with all of you!

    I have watched a few of your You Tubes,they really grab me .
    I look forward to meeting you and Susan ,and others !

    In gratitude and celebrations of spring !
    and the Blessed Guadalupe!

    Linda H

    ps Do you know the poem Kindness By Naomi Sahib Nye , and Breathing the Water by Denise Levertov


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