God Particles and Dogs

God particles

Why do people passionately love their dogs?

Because dogs are really good expressing their God Particles. They love unconditionally. They just can’t help it. Heck, dog spelled backwards is God. God Particles can’t help but make smiles happen. Neither can dogs.

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Scientists are starting to look for The God Particle and measure it.  Even the Vatican is interested in what all the brainpower at CERN has been doing with the super collider there.

Physicists have been working at bridging the gap between science and spirit. This in and of itself isn’t news. Many of the great scientific thinkers have acknowledged the inextricable connection between the atomic structures we measure and the vast and as yet unmeasured field in which the known exists with the unknown.

God particles are relentless they want us to notice them just like your dog when it wants to go for a walk. They’re like grace, always present.

Curiosity and wonder are driven by God particles. We want to notice ourselves alive in the big picture.

 God Particles on the Loose
You can have a transcendent experience anywhere you want. Whether you are standing in a crowded mall in front of a big chain store or out in the desert. We try to use linear order to describe something that by it’s very nature is beyond our capacity to order it.

It seems God particles enjoy being acknowledged. They can’t help but make smiles happen. Want to experiment with God Particles? Here’s some ideas:

Try being dog-like for a day. Wag your tail or smile more often than not.

Consider that you are made up of more mystery than you are of known matter. Hang out in the majesty of your own mystery. Even though life is filled with uncertainty, life is certain. If you’re reading this you’re certainly alive!

Notice that you are an ongoing series of miraculous atomic events. You’re a thermal nuclear moment. Your normal temperature of 98.6 degrees is an outcome of spirit dancing with the atomics of your body.

We invite you to enjoy and delight in your own God Particles. 
Isn’t it interesting that someone has tried to measure something intimate to every single one of us.  Remember just because something is Measured doesn’t mean we really understand it. The gift of the mystery of our being when we accept it is a comfort that goes beyond words.

We invite you to notice your own mystery.
As Iris DeMent sings what if we “Let The Mystery Be.”

Particle Dance

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