God or No God

What's the most loving thing to do?

Taking my book Not So Little Cora public has been an eye opener. The reception has been wonderful and yet unless I make a change, its message will be inaccessible to many.


I use the word “God” to describe the love that is bigger than we are or Life itself.

The use of that word has triggered a powerful wound around the word God and prevented the greater messaging from being heard. And because of the word ‘God’, Not So Little Cora can’t be used in public schools here in Nova Scotia.

Even though over 6.5 billion people on the planet believe in a higher power, God is a word laden with baggage and often not allowed in the public domain.

One of Cora’s ‘not-so-imaginary’ friends helps her understand what the word God means. Cora knows there is something outside of herself that is a mystery. She asks-

“What is breathing us? I don’t have to think about it at all; my body just knows what to do.”

It was Marco who replied this time. “What a wonderful question. Yes, there is a spark inside each of us that comes from Life itself. Some humans call this God. That spark is connected to us like a battery. It ignites our breathing when we’re born. Then, when we are complete with life in a body, the spark lifts us out, back into the big love that holds us all.” p.27

Not So Little Cora is a book about love, and even though many define God as love, others do not.

Some who are responding to the word God and wondering if I will change it, are in fact honoring the potency of the story and describing for them what is in the way at a deeper level for them to be able to understand.

Cora always wants to know, what is the most loving thing to do? I’ve wrestled with this over the past couple of weeks as I’ve assimilated the feedback and asked my sacred allies in love what would be best.

If I take out the word God, I am not eliminating God/the All of Life nor the presence of Love from the book. That’s the wrapper, the container for the whole story.

One of the purposes of Not So Little Cora is to assist in helping grow an understanding of what Love is and can be, in order to inspire a more loving world.


I am taking out the word God from the book and replacing with other words or terms like love or the All of life.  I don’t want there to be stumbling blocks to the important messaging in Not So Little Cora.

An edited version will be coming soon. It’s an easy change. If you’d don’t mind having the term ‘God’ in the book, the original is still available online on Amazon.

Not So Little Cora -book and E-book

I’ll let you know when the new version is ready

Thank you for being on this journey with me. And for standing in your own soulful knowing, your uniqueness and love that I hope to champion through Not So Little Cora.

I’d love to hear from you.

Please share your comments below,




4 comments on “God or No God

  1. Mignon on

    Hi Susan and Cora.
    I love the way “God” is explained as a simple version of love.
    I think you are right, that there are wounds around the word and partly because “God” was lorded over people for generations in a negative way as a form of control.
    I like your other term, as general as it may be. It sounds like it may be what Cora needs to spread her word.
    Sending love to you and imagining Cora’s wings spreading with her friends.

  2. Tais on

    Hi Susan!! I think Not so Little Cora is an amazing book that really talks about love, and I think it can help people think about love for themselves, others and live itself.

    With that in mind, if you change God for Love or any other word that the Source of Love inspires you, it would be ok, because what the Source needs, in any name or form, is for Cora to open the hearts of people, and with a word like God, maybe we find barriers that are not necesary

    We need more people with open minds and open hearts in this world,and I think Cora can help the Soirce with that

    Thank you again for writing it


  3. Dene on

    Given how the world religions have coveted and corrupted the true meaning of the word & idea of God over the millennia, I have come to belief that religion imprisons rather than liberates. So changing the word from God to Love or Spirit or Whatever is fine with me … it’s just a word.

  4. Shayla Wright on

    That’s a very profound learning you have shared with us Susan. Thank you, I’m very grateful for it, although it has been difficult for you.

    The power of language is immense. I’m drawn into a contemplation on how language creates our world…In the words of Terence McKenna, “Cultures are virtual realities created by language.”


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