The Gift of Uncertainty

We’ve been kindling our infinite curiosity.

Recently, we stumbled upon a BBC series Da Vinci’s Demons  based on Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s a fanciful occasionally accurate description of Leonardo’s passion and inventive capacity.

What made him such a great creator?  It was The Gift of Uncertainty.

Yes, he knew many things. But the most powerful component of his inventive engine was his ability to be wildly uncertain, to trust the fertile ground of his ignorance, his not-knowing.

The word ignorance is a word we’ve been taught to not like very much. We don’t want to be ignorant because it has become laden with shame and judgment. In the 14th century when the word was first coined it meant “not to know, to be unacquainted.”

‘Ignorance’ like uncertainty is about ‘not knowing’. It opens the doorway to possibility when there seems to be none.

We see in our work with clients that their healing, joy and well-being comes from a willingness to go past what they’ve known into uncharted territory, into uncertainty.  in Uncertainty, there is a rush of life force that let’s us claim a new lease on life.

We are each surrounded by the energy of authority. We have all been told that there are those who know more about us than we do in our hearts. Yes, there are those with greater knowledge than us, however there is a heart of knowing in every one of us that is charged with and informed by an infinite web of knowing and wisdom.

For a long list of reasons, we have been talked out of that root of wisdom. If you’re reading this, you are reclaiming who it is you truly are day by day.


One of the roots of American culture is the Declaration of Independence acknowledged around the world as a transcendent statement of liberty from a system of governance that had become oppressive and deadly.

Creating the Declaration of Independence involved taking a risk into the necessary brilliance of uncertainty.


Because this kind of independence so beautifully described had not been present on the planet before.

We are in a time when we are each called to become whole, independent and rich in love. In order to do that it is time for each of us to have our own Declaration of Uncertainty present.

We must make peace with the facts that tell us that we don’t know what to do.

We must care for the garden of uncertainty and trust that its fruits will yield the awareness, knowing and information we need to reconstitute our independence and our vigor as free beings.

As we prepare for our journey across America this fall, we open ourselves to the necessary uncertainty underpinned by love so that we may be with each of you as we discover together new definitions of freedom, health and well-being and claim the knowing alive in our hearts.

In our next blog we’ll send you our version of A Declaration of Uncertainty along with more updates about our journey.

2 comments on “The Gift of Uncertainty

  1. Blanca on

    Hola! Susan and David!
    We must be riding tandem, here! Thank you for revisiting the word “ignorant”. It was used as a judgement to shame people in my family and still is by one member. Anyhow, I have been working hard to not let agendas and “shoulds” take over my healing since my fall. In this process I have had to release all the hats I have worn that defined me. In the untangling I lay vulnerable, open and allowing of the unfoldment of my heart’s truth. Up until now, the “I should know”, “I should or have to”, often took me away from my hearts’ wisdom and what is true for me. I thank you so much for this reflection. It deepens my work and frees me more! Looking forward to your declaration!

  2. Dene on

    Susanna & David

    Yes indeed. I believe you are at “the heart of the matter” in clarifying true wisdom. We are so much more than our intellectual functioning, for we have a number of “centers of intelligence” within our human body and our larger energetic body. To embrace uncertainty or not knowing is to release the belief that knowing exists between the ears. To trust the non-rational in us as a source of deep understanding is to come into our wisdom. Thank you both for illuminating something so simple yet so profound.

    Dene Maria Sebastiana


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