5 Tips to Empower Your Intuition and Grow Your Wisdom

Empower your intuition


This is the beginning a new series of posts with practical steps to enhance your capacity to live the life you were born to live. Our purpose is to help you learn and use the intuitive skills you need to navigate your life with strength and joy in 2012. This year we’ll be offering special individual sessions and group webinars for growing and strengthening your intuition.

Would you like to heal what seems impossible and forever change what’s limiting you?

Intuition is the essential ingredient you can use to move your life forward.

 Here are 5 tips to empower your intuition and grow your wisdom for more, freedom, power and greater health.

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Thanks for your friendship, readership and encouragement.

One comment on “5 Tips to Empower Your Intuition and Grow Your Wisdom

  1. Holly Woods on

    Great set of tips, David (and Susan). Useful synopsis. I loved best the tip to “go blank”… oh how hard that is in our culture (especially as we age). And you’re right, something useful always comes after that conscious space. Thanks for sharing!!


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