Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap

Something inside us instinctively knows we are part of something bigger. Some call it Source, The Divine, God, Life itself…. The words don’t matter. What does matter is that it is time for us all to close the gap that keeps us separate from Source.

This gap was created long ago, it’s in the DNA of humans, it’s impersonal but we have the power to change it.

We’ve learned that the most gentle and enlivening way to promote this homecoming is through curiosity, wonder and joy, and the wiliness to surrender what we “think” is true to what we “know” is true. You know, the truth that your heart sings not always what your personality wants.

This is the difference between leading with our own will versus allowing the will of the Life that is greater than we are to inform us first.

It’s why we emphasize noticing habits, conditionings, and belief structures that get in the way of our capacity to really know what is true and loving for ourselves.

In reviewing our history of joy, the greatest experiences have come to us not because we willed them but from a state of allowing, being surprised, serendipity and dancing in the moment.

How amazing is that? That we are so loved that we can pretend separation knowing that eventually we will admit we are held in love beyond our ability to reason it out.

It is time for closing the gap.

Take a breath before acting.
Allow the Spirit in the air to inform the next moment.
Feel the bubble of the joy of life percolating in your blood. It’s really there.
Let yourself be surprised beyond anything you can imagine.

We don’t have to wait until we die to close the gap even though it’s how we’ve been trained to believe.

And we’d love to hear your moments of surprise and delight where the miraculous shows up and there is no Gap. Like when the parking space magically appears or you think about someone and they call.

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