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It’s been a couple months and many changes since we last connected. Much has transpired in our lives and we have some wonderful news to share-

First – Susan’s book Not So Little Cora is now officially published!!!!

It’s available in paperback and e-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as on Amazon in other countries around the world.

If you’d like to buy a copy or leave a review- here are the links:

US- Paperback and E-book

CAN- Paperback

MX- E-book

For me, Susan, it took a great deal of courage, hard work, along with support from many others to turn Not So Little Cora into a reality. I’ve never shied away from hard work, but I’d often allowed the naysayer voice in my head to be louder than the voice in my heart. I’m heartened by the outreach Not So Little Cora is beginning to have.

Here are some pictures from the book launch in Mexico on Valentine’s day.

More than 50 friends gathered in our home to celebrate.

And a picture from Susan’s first school visit in Nova Scotia.

Not So Little Cora Book Launch


Mother/daughter with Susan


First School Visit for NOt So Little Cora


And Other News…

We moved to Nova Scotia, Canada in March.
Our time living in Mexico has come to a close and the next chapter of our lives called us here. Mexico has a forever place in our hearts, and we’ll return there as visitors from a new home base. We took the month of March to rest and reinvigorate. Moving is no small task as you know. ?

Our doors are open and sessions times available. Thanks for your support as we cared for ourselves.

Please share your comments below.

Susan and David

6 comments on “Big News from Wisdom Rx

  1. Reve and Susan on

    We acknowledge the two of you individually and collectively for the ongoing generation of your lives and your life. Very few people have the commitment to do so; yours is an inspiration explicitly and implicitly to others. Well done!

  2. Carina on

    Dear Susan:

    Congratulations for making a dream come true for yourself!
    And to both of you, welcome back to Canada.
    Sending good vibes,

    Carina in Nelson

  3. Linda Vandiver on

    Dear Susan and David, So surprised to hear this news….!! But, I am wishing you both all the joy and happiness you desire..!! Good Luck on all your new adventures!! And blessings as everything moves forward. !!
    I have just finished making my house into 2 apts….One for me, one for Kelley!! So we are about to start a new adventure as well, (for me, getting rid of so many things I do not use, or need!!!)
    sending love, Linda

  4. Louise Halsey on

    Yes, congratulations on the book. I am curious if you are keeping your property in SMA to rent or letting it go. I just got a house there to use at times and rent mostly, so the move to Nova Scotia seems quite a change. Brrr, but no doubt gorgeous in its own way. Best with your move and yes, moving is amazingly stressful I have found. Louise


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