3 Tips to Accelerate your Intuition

Accelerate your intuition

It’s time to use our intuition as a preventative medicine and life enhancing tool.

Honing this skill will give you more joy, clarity, creativity and well being.

As a Medical Intuitive Team we are constantly growing our capacity to assist our clients to empower and use their own intuition as a fundamental tool for greater health while navigating the complexities of an illness or injury or enhance their overall life.

We all get prompts from our intuition. Wouldn’t it be great if we could recognize those prompts and act on them so we wouldn’t have to play catch up or second guess ourselves?

Would you like to use your intuition in even greater ways to grow your life and increase your well-being? Watch for upcoming announcements for our Intuition Training offerings. We’re excited. It’s what it’s time for.

Here are your 3 tips to accelerate your intuition

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Write each tip on a Post It© note around the house, in your car or office to remind yourself. When learning any new set of skills practice is important.

4 comments on “3 Tips to Accelerate your Intuition

  1. Jonathan on

    David and Susan;
    This is great stuff! That small quiet voice that, more often than not, reminds us after the fact that we should have listened. Intuition grows by being attended to — it will dissolve from lack of attention, and then we are a captive of our ego mind, all of our conditioning, and worst of app, susceptible to ‘advice’ and opinion, and suggestion. Nobody can know what is best for us nor do our healing for us.

    How do we learn to listen to “the right, true” voice? This is the learning, isn’t it?

    Another route is “tracking” where we follow what the message and results are over a sustained time. I have noticed that my ‘intuition’ will announce itself through encountering repetitive patterns and experiences in both my thoughts and my outer world. For example, I will be thinking of a certain person, and the thought reoccurs. A little later, I will be led to a particular coffee shop, and minutes later, that person walks in the door, and we have a generative evolutionary conversation that stays with me for days. Oddly enough, the content of that conversation has been washing around in my mind, unfocused, and I now have the clarity that was missing. Our intuition works in many mysterious ways, always to our greater benefit. Isn’t that good news?

    • Susan and David on

      Thank you Jonathan. The intuitive voice we all have will show up in mysterious ways. And as you stated where our attention goes energy flows, so it’s time to listen to that valuable soul voice. Thank you for that great example. Your wisdom is a gift to us all.

    • Sugeet on

      I learned about my intuition in India. I was learning how to read tarot cards. I would look at them, and wait until I knew what to say. I soon learned that if I wait like this, the tarot reading would be hundred percent accurate. since then I have learned to trust my intuition. It shows up in unexpected ways, but if I obey it, it is always leads me correctly. Thus I now trust it completely, even though it may seem counter to what I “think” I should do. Where does it come from? I think it’s my higher power reaching me and helping me, guiding me, loving me.

  2. Jonathan on

    I find intuition is a lot like mushroom hunting — the more I acknowledge each mushroom I encounter, the more show up! Its as if the ‘mushroom’ is showing itself because it is being seen. Which comes first doesn’t matter — it works. Our rational mind can have a similar dialogue with our intuition — complete with respect and deep mutual listening. Intuition thrives on this tender, nurturing care; being met with loving presence. When you take it seriously, intuition thrives and grows, but you cannot make it do ‘your’ bidding. Do your intuition a favor: buy it flowers, take it out to dinner and make love to it tonight!


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