Whose time are you on anyway?

Take a moment right now and feel all the demands on the time of your life. Try to imagine how many watches you’d have to wear to keep track of all the demands on your time.

Your physical body can’t thrive in multiple time demands. The most obvious outcome of too many clocks is heart-based stress.

Just because we’re accustomed to being on someone else’s timeline doesn’t make it right. If you want to reduce your stress levels, disconnect from the demands of other’s timelines. You can even be in greater integrity and service by reclaiming your own heart clock.

Ask yourself, whose time am I on right now?

Pay attention to the answer and check to see if you’re being pulled or pushed on. You can still make a deadline without being a slave to someone else’s timeline.

Have YOUR time be the clock you are on.

To further explore the different clocks we’re on, here’s a video from David.

getting off the clock

When have you been on someone else’s time?

Please let us know your experience below in the comments section.

2 comments on “Whose time are you on anyway?

  1. Mignon on

    Good one. Thanks you two.
    I sometimes had forgotten to ask, “am I in my own timing, or someone elses?” And “am I doing this out of the goodness of my heart or am I not in the space to do…for them?”
    After my recent time of forgetting I can see I felt grumbly and snarky. Since I did not question those feelings and what they were about, I carried them along with anxiety to others around me as well as myself. A heavy bag to carry and no fun! Time to question and “change”!
    Thank you for being my friend.
    I love you two.

  2. Francesca on

    Thank you David! Short and sweet, yet powerful. For the first time ever, I will NOT be taking a time piece with me on retreat. Planning on living in ‘Spirit Time’, love it David.
    Blessings, Francesca


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