The Lighted Way 2014

We’ve entered a time when there is no turning back from the call of our soul. We are all alight with loving evolutionary change whether we want it or not. How do we find our way in this new reality that is available to us?

The blessing that follows came out of a recent session with a client. We were collectively struck by the gift of love, new ideas of navigating our future and the invitation to be met by our divine allies.

We asked for permission to share this with you as a blessing and a call to action for 2014.  If you can read this out loud.

Blessing- The Lighted Way

There are pathways that lay before you that are illumined.
This light is nurturance.
You must learn to receive the light of the path before you to the core of your being.

This light has traveled far and wide, in and out of time and it is an ally to befriend.
In the beginning there may seem a strangeness as you grow your love for this light.
This light, its loving intention, is to show you where you have held darkness against yourself.

Welcome this light upon the darkness, into the darkness.
You are trained to resist this light because as the light is admitted,
What you have held to be true grows and pieces will fall away that once were valued.
Imbedded in this light is a song, a frequency that is bound to that which you call the Divine, Source, Christ consciousness, Love.
IN source no words are required.
So it will be with you.

You will have knowing that exceeds the ways you have known before.
Indeed you will have knowing that words do not contain.
This path of light will seem strange to walk upon.

Remember you are learning to be lifted so that your steps are effortless.
When you feel you are in effort you are not upon the path of light that is yours.
Use the symptom of effort as a sign to rest and find the path of light.
It is always near.

Finding is like allowing.
In this moment now we surround you IN protection, IN vigor.
Your fierceness of love will grow.


We wish each of you a year where the untethered wild love of your heart gives to you the knowing, the wisdom and the passion to live as never before.

As ever we are your allies in the birth that is afoot.

love, David, Susan and our Allies in Love

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