The Courage to Know

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The Courage to Know

Knowing what’s true for you, what’s right for you takes courage. We are surrounded by demands that want us to surrender our sacred self and our integrity to the requirements of others. These demands can be from our society, our community, family and friends.

We have become so accustomed to being pushed on, called on or demanded on that we can forget who we are.

You can reclaim the heart and soul of your integrity by feeling the pull that’s around you that separates us from the holiness of our self-empowerment.

When you feel pushed into a choice, one you’re not really clear on STOP. Ask yourself this question:

“Is this really for my highest good and the highest good of what I really love?”

Now is the time for each of us to stand up in sovereignty and clarity from a place of love and power and choose to honor our own knowing. Yes it takes courage but we’re worth it.


Susan and David

Please share your moment of courage in the comments section below.

Who are YOU when you follow your knowing?

4 comments on “The Courage to Know

  1. Mignon on

    Hi Susan and David,
    Love your blogs!
    Who am I when I follow my knowing?
    An integrated whole, aligned, radiating being, that I naturally am strengthening regardless of all the demands and destructions (distractions) of the outside world.
    Thank you for this blog, I love the penetrating question at the end! Would you please add question(s) at the end to your future blogs? They give, well, me, a formula to go deeper inside. (And hopefully other people as well.)
    Love you two!

    • Susan and David on

      You model to us a whole, integrated aligned radiant being.
      thank you!
      Your generosity is a lifeblood in our lives.
      We love how you risk the familiar to grow.

      Susan and David

  2. Zigy on

    David and Susan,

    Who am I in those moments?

    I am one who is centered; not always certain, because those moments are seldom as clear as I’d like them to be. Sometimes there is a lingering doubt about the rightness of the decision, but when I review what led me to make it, I am reminded of who I am and who I need to be through the storm of difficult decsions of the heart.

    Of course I second guess myself before and after, but if I weren’t doing that, I believe I would be missing the power and importance of the decision I made.

    • Susan and David on

      Thank you so much for sharing your amazing insight.
      Your laser beam clarity about the nature of choosing was beautiful to read.
      Your words throw dust in the light of the autopilot that runs in us until we each bring awareness to the reactive choices that drive us.
      Much thanks for who you are and the growth you demonstrate.

      David and Susan


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