Serendipity Gets Us Unstuck

Serendipity gets us unstuck

Richard Eyre in his Book Spiritual Serendipity says-

Serendipity is a bridge between
Structure and Spontaneity
Discipline and Flexibility
The Expected and The Unexpected
Plans and SurprisesRelationships and Achievements
Between The Forced and The Fun.

Serendipity can be thought of as a sort of bridge between metaphorical regions that are otherwise hostile to each- lands that without the serendipity bridge we have to choose between because the gap separating them is so wide.”

This is a great list of what serendipity enables. When we are coming to grips with an unexpected or unexplained physical condition, serendipity is the first tool to draw on.  It is the activating Spirit of serendipity that enables us to close the gap between our minds and our hearts and allow the power of acceptance to promote relief, clarity and ease.

Serendipity gets us unstuck.

Photo by David C. MacKenzie ©

One comment on “Serendipity Gets Us Unstuck

  1. Karen Lane on

    Thank you, beloveds. So true! Serendipity is free and fluid, a delightful way to live. David, your photographs are absolutely breathtaking! – Karen


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