Remembering the Adventure of Life

We were not born to live a mundane existence.
The essence of who we are – pure, clear and strong is life itself.
There is a pressure that comes from the world around us, sometimes even a demand that demands our surrender into a humdrum day-to-day way of being.

When we say yes to that demand, something inside at the heart of our being knows we are stepping out of the rich passionate flow of our life into an ordinariness that may be convenient but costly to our hearts.

In a few days, we are heading out on an exploration into our new homeland of Mexico. We are going with some friends who want to discover some of the sacred legacy so deeply embedded in this landscape. We are packing, mapping and excitedly preparing.

Accompanying this excitement is some uncertainty like the shadowy voice of “ what if this or that happened?” Making friends with that voice enables us to be well prepared and flexible as our adventurous explorer hearts move us into really joyful learning, growing and healing.

At our essence we are here on this planet to bloom unreasonably.

How can we risk a richer life?

How do we remember the adventure of life?

What follows is a blessing that we would like to share with you.

At its essence it is about freeing the explorers heart within us so that we can liberate a more juicy and impassioned daily life. Inside a busy sometimes mundane day are discoveries waiting to be had that will wash you in good humor and joy.


You are vast beyond your thoughts.
We, your divine allies, stand with you as reflectors lovingly reminding you of the Truth that you are.
Where you live is filled with habits designed to shackle you into a limited state of being.

Remember, if you feel stuck or trapped it is a reminder that the greater soul self you are, is calling you to step free, shake off what has bound you into smallness.

Truly, what animates you, moves your blood, even runs your thoughts is sacred alive and personalized into you.
Today, make friends with Mystery.
Find even the tiniest things to wonder about.
As you do this your heart will warm in openness and you will remember to feel the current of life and love that envelops you.

Your brain may try to bring reason to the river of life that you are in.
That’s okay, it’s just doing what brains do.
It’s running on memory, it’s comparing, grasping for a way to understand the infinite-ness you are.
When you experience this try laughing in delight.
In the sweetness of that laugh you will liberate even more the knowing of your wholeness.

Remember beloveds the essence of you cannot be broken.
The sweet and glorious glue of love holds you together.
Today, you can discover the new in the midst of what has been called the old, the ordinary.

What wondrous discovery is awaiting you, just a few breaths away that you can unwrap and be renewed?

3 comments on “Remembering the Adventure of Life

  1. Karen Lane on

    Before enlightenment, chop food carry water; after enlightenment, chop food carry water. Juicy love to you on your transformational journey. xoxoxo


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