Are You In Integrity with Your True Self?

Are you in Integrity

Are you in Integrity with Your True Self?

David explores in the following video the importance of not living by autopilot but from a clear sense of integrity. Are you in integrity with your sacred soul self? Our beliefs often create a barrier to being in our own true integrity. Things happen in our lives that can influence how we think about ourselves.

  • “Oh I didn’t get that job I must not worthy”
  • “I’m a woman, I don’t stand a chance.”
  • “My teachers told me I’m stupid so that must be true.”

These are all examples of outside influences that if we believe can keep us from shining the light of our own greatness. We act from those beliefs in ways that aren’t integrous to our true knowing of who we are as human beings.

Here’s a reframe for a more integrous approach for us to the three examples:

  • My Job doesn’t define me, I define my own self-worth.
  • I may be a woman but I am a human being first with gifts just like everyone else.
  • Having questions or not knowing are fundamental to learning.

But how do we know if we are in Integrity if we haven’t defined what that means to us?

How can we understand when someone else is standing up in their own integrity if we don’t have our own definition?

As human beings, we need to know our own integrity to let the light of our true self shine. We believe the world could use a little more light right now.

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4 comments on “Are You In Integrity with Your True Self?

  1. Linda Vandiver on

    Where did I get the belief that integrity has some tenets that are so universal that most people do honor them??? A part of “thou shall not steal” but more subtle??? I find myself disturbed and at a big loss to discover that a person I care for and love…..would take things from me, that are simple and that I would immediately give, if asked. I would give many things to another if needed, but for one to take and not ask… has me feeling a big loss of trust., and a big disappointment. ( Not about what was taken. but it is the thought that one would invade my privacy, and take something without asking.) I totally respect another’s belongings, and privacy…..and I would never intrude…or take anything.!! but, I guess that is not the same integrity that many live with.???? how does one deal with this…with LOVE????

    • Susan & David on

      Thanks for your thoughtful and heartfelt response.
      We are familiar with the shock, the surprise when another person’s integrity operating system suddenly appears to be in stark contrast to our own.
      We keep rediscovering an obvious truth.

      None of us are constant.
      Each person we know is adjusting how they live themselves based on the changes they are living into within their known world.
      We are practicing staying up to date with those closest to us regarding how they are doing in their world and in their lives.
      Integrity is a living condition.
      Not everyone we discover has the willingness to check into themselves.
      Many just react and don’t question how their own integrity is changing, not just the integrity around as you reference “stealing” but the integrity around are they even telling themselves the truth around what their circumstances are.

      At this time of year the disparity between have and have not is at its greatest.
      There can be a desperate sense of lack.
      For us the most loving thing to do is be aware and then adjust ourselves accordingly as we engage out in the world with others who are driven by forces very different than ours.
      So as to not be blindsided by the actions of others, we are required to stay present to the reality of those around us and our own and not assume anything.

      Blessings and love, David and Susan

  2. Dene Maria Sebastiana on

    A beautiful piece, coming from this man whom I know to be deeply honest with himself and with others. This kind of awareness … to know oneself and one’s truth & integrity … is what builds good relationships and connected communities, those things that we need now more than ever, to build a new world.

  3. Mignon on

    Thank you two for this blog!
    I can only be in integrity with others as much as I am honest with myself and true to that. There are times I don’t want to look, like when I want to eat “fun stuff” rather than be responsible and care for myself. Same with exercise! I am older in body, exercise is an integral component to living more healthy.
    When I am at someone elses house I try to care for it the way they do, just out of respect, but also trying on another hat. Maybe I would like to care for my place in some of the ways they do. It is a constant learning. I love the creativity too.
    I can’t say “I am this way or that”, but in my awareness of my basic goodness I can.
    Thanks again!


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