Why Evolve Now?

Underneath the surface, many who are Spiritually Awakening look like they’re so together are actually on the verge of burn out or illness. They feel depleted, disillusioned, and numb, even though they’re ‘on track’ with what they had mapped out as their life plan.

And now that life plan is in question.

Normal has been uprooted.

Maybe you’ve had a life changing event, like illness, divorce, career change or are retiring and know that the old way of running yourself doesn’t line up with what your heart and soul is calling for.

There is a different way….

There is a future you who is calling you forward hoping you’ll notice.

Ready to Transform Now?

Welcome WisdomRx - life coaching

Meet David and Susan

We’ve each been through the fires of transformation from near death experiences, divorces, death of a child, change of careers and even moving to new countries. We knew risking what seemed comfortable was vital to staying awake and living conscious loving lives. We know that there was more to our lives than we’d been taught to believe and accepted as true.

Here’s a glimpse of the unique gifts we bring to you:

From David: “I was born a Medical Intuitive. Every aspect of my life, since day one, has contributed to the skills I use in this prayerful work, communicating exactingly what I perceive within and around those I work with.”

From Susan: “When I had a near death experience, as a result of complications during surgery, I was graced with a radically new perception of my life, far different than anything I had known.  I learned I could awaken to my full potential which became an inspiration for the work we do.”

Individually and as an Intuitive team we are dedicated to providing practical support and spiritual guidance to create new ways of seeing and feeling the world around you so you can manifest the opportunities, relationships, and life experiences you deeply desire.

Benefits You'll Receive

Self Confidence

Unstoppable Self-Confidence

Learn how to stop being pulled in every direction, have unstoppable self-confidence and take time for what makes you happy without a wake-up call from the doctor.

Relationships-heart sing website

Relationships That Sing

Stay completely true to yourself, while having time for the people you care about most, restore your vitality and live a grounded conscious life.

lasting Transformation

Lasting Transformation

How to finally escape the fear, anxiety or dread you’ve been feeling about the future, and experience a new-found optimism and sense of purpose… while rediscovering your creativity and passion for life.

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Isn't it time?

YOU WANT TO love being you, feel aligned to your best self, experience fulfillment, have relationships that make your heart sing, positively contribute in the world, express your creativity, and experience joy and flow even with the uncertainties life presents.

Yet…. often this isn’t your experience.

Imagine if…. Your future YOU is more loving, confident, present, kind, exuberant, mindful, willing, curious, creative, connected, soulful, brave. 

We’ve created a comprehensive truly transformative program based on our own experiences and the years of being evolutionary partners with clients and our sacred allies.

Isn’t it time to end the limiting behaviors, stop the negative thinking, and honor your deep inner knowing? 

You have so much more wisdom than you think. 

The YOU were meant to be Is waiting to be claimed and manifested to create the NEXT GENERATION of your life.

If you're curious and want to learn more, We'd love to talk.

What Participants Are Saying

"We have come to our real work when we no longer know which way to go. I'm sure everyone else here has done lots of personal exploration, but now I’m looking at the world in a new way, The timing of this course was so precious for me with my almost dying, and I'm now recreating who I'm going to become and am meant to be."

M.D., British Columbia

"I’ve done a lot of “work” on me over the last few years, but when I really want to effect change in my life, I go to David and Susan for their loving guidance. I am nearing the end of this online course and all I can say is “Wow”! I have made so many positive new changes in my life since enrolling in this class that I never dreamed would occur just a few months ago. I know now how I can stay present and even thrive right here, right now."

Aromatherapist & Teacher, California

"Being part of the Evolve Now group of open-minded and open-hearted women, afforded me the unique opportunity to discover and work with hidden parts of myself that were ripe for release and nurturing.

I am extremely grateful to Susan and David for their love and dedication in crafting a beautiful and profound path for those of us ready for deeper self-exploration!"

Artist, Mexico

"My relationship to myself has really changed through this program. The expansion of stillness and the space of knowing allows me to be in compassion and to come from responsivity rather than reactivity. I feel like there’s a greater reservoir inside me to move forward from."

M.D., Pennsylvania

"When I started this online course, I was very stressed out and didn’t know what to expect. I was aiming for a life-saving... and they delivered so much more because they helped me see that I am the one who can save me.

The women I met in the course are amazing and we’re all walking a similar path, even though we came from such different backgrounds. Thank you Susan and David for being there and helping me be a better me. I can live in this very interesting times with hope and possibilities."

Engineer/Hotel Owner, Mexico

"I was so blessed to enroll and evolve in the Wisdom Rx program. Through the loving coaching and shared insight fostered by the teamwork of David & Susan, I was able to build daily habits where I could evolve and leave behind fatigue and depression. I was guided to identify my personal inner knowledge and power. It was there from my past, but I had to open my awareness in this present life where I had moved to after some significant life changes. I became able to trust myself, feel safe, and feel loved. My awareness of these feelings fed my dreams of future joy and I could notice daily surprises and joys so that my life could dance and sing. I will always cherish my connections and my evolution with Wisdom Rx, and it's not over as I continue contact with all on Wrx Momentum."

R.N., South Carolina

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