A Gift in Your Name

We gave a gift in your name.

This year has been a time of evolution, healing and growth for all of us. It was sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter but we all shifted. And each of us Is arriving in this new year into an aliveness we have longed for.

For us at this time of renewal, we have been taking some necessary self-care.  At our first stop in Melaque on the Pacific coast of Mexico, we were “lucky enough” to stay at Villa Xochipilli. All of our angels were guiding us to this place.

There was a benefit concert for a local program which teaches children music as a way to self empowerment. The music was very sweet. So we want you to know we made a donation to this program on behalf of each of you and us.

You have been part of a fantastic year for us.

Thank you for being the beings of generous heart and the questers of knowing that you are.

Thank you for your blooming sovereignty.

Thank you for growing with us.

On our journey across America in 2014, we learned from first hand experience how to serve you better. More than ever we got a greater sense of what you are hungry for and how you want to be supported to claim your birthright as a vibrant soul and a gift to this planet.

Together we are stronger.

Let us learn, grow and heal together. More soon.

In Loving, David and Susan

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