Our Declaration of Uncertainty

 To shift into the next generation of us, we need more than ever to receive the gift and power of our uncertainty. We wrote this as a supportive tool to help generate healing, creativity, liberty and love.

The word “uncertainty” might have a meaning that is uncomfortable to some of us. Perhaps other words would feel more comfortable like ‘not-knowing’, ‘ignorance’, ‘I wonder’, or ‘what’s possible now?’

We’ve been taught to fear uncertainty, but no matter what you call it, ‘uncertainty’ is a word to make friends with.

We chose ‘uncertainty’ because we’re referring to the state in which we are not certain, the place inside us that opens, stimulating something new to show up.

Uncertainty is our great friend and ally that allows us to invent, seek and find solutions to old ways of living that in our hearts we know are boxing us in.

Uncertainty doesn’t mean we have to lose or give up what we know is true.

When we use the tool of uncertainty, it doesn’t mean we throw away the goodness of science or the strength of our minds.

Uncertainty allows and stimulates possibility and can birth new understanding that we need to live in joy, strength and greater understanding of what life really is, not just what we think it to be or have been told.


Our Declaration of Uncertainty


I declare on this day the great and ever present truth of my freedom.

I come from life itself.

I am alive, whole, present and in the currency of love.

I declare in the vitality of my freedom the power and gift of uncertainty.

My wisdom and knowing will grow because of this choice.

Now, I align myself to the legacy of wondrous creation, to great leaps in understanding and heartfelt evolution that is the birthright of humankind.

I choose to open wholeheartedly to my legacy as a creator of possibility, joy and unmistakable freedom.

I know that I am a fearless explorer of the ever-new territory that my life really is.

Uncertainty is welcome in my life.

I open myself and bring my wonder and curiosity to all that is new before me. I am no longer afraid of uncertainty but welcome the power of its gifts within my life.

It is safe to claim the gift of uncertainty

I arise free, in liberty and love.

May this be so for the highest good of all concerned.


We welcome your Declaration of Uncertainty, your additions or any thoughts you might have.

2 comments on “Our Declaration of Uncertainty

  1. Fred cox on

    Bravo Susan and David.
    I think in words, which causes me to struggle with concepts that those who think with their feelings easily embrace. Speaking for those poor schmucks like me who are constrained by this limitation, I say Thank You for wrapping the concept in words for us. With your help, I Get It.


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