Courage Blessing from Sebastopol

There were those that gathered that wanted to say it cannot be done.
There were those that pointed to the shadows and said no, the shadows will eat the light.

We your allies we who love you, love you, love you are offering a blessing of valiance, a blessing of courage that is longed for that your land and your fellows need you to be.

We your allies see the hunger that lives in the bottom of your hearts that often you put a smile on, but we gift you with an altar to bring this sorrow in the bottom of your hearts into the light and in the light you will know you are not alone.

The courage you hold is duly noted. We stand close, closer than you can imagine IN loving with you as reminders that you are wildly alive and you are called to radicalness. You are called to be bearers of a truth that must be known.

You may ask how do you do this?

You do it with a song of love that is in your blood. Yes in your blood.

We will accompany you if you allow? Will you? We will not harm you and we will give you on the breath you breathe treasure, yes treasure that when you bring us in and the treasure in, we and the treasure are one.

We will activate a clear blessing of wisdom a sweetness of surprise and ease that must have it’s way with you. We ask for your surrender and receptivity to sweet and delicious mystery. Don’t you love mystery?

Call on us your allies, each in your own way, and you must allow yourself to be surprised when we respond. As we will.

Each of you is pregnant. You must give birth to the truth that sings itself in you that you have covered sometimes cowered from. That time is over. It is time for wildness and liberty.  For this is your birthright. Go forth in song. We will accompany you.

With love as brought forth by David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins

4 comments on “Courage Blessing from Sebastopol

  1. Joy Fox on

    Oh, thank you, dears. I watch this mind alternate between courage-ing and cowering…as I “plan” for my upcoming journey to Tanzania. No-thing is clear about it. All I can “pack” is love, light and courage.

    Thanks for the re-minder!

  2. BirdWoman on

    Thank You Both! Thank You; Thank you! There are just NO words to appropriately express how heart felt your presence Is; and how it resenaited so deeply into my Being! I heard every word and felt them even more. Bless you both for hearing the call and following with such open hearts and grace giving us all so much hope for our future. These blessings bring tears of joy, acknowledgement, knowing and motivation to BE and Bring forth! I am forever grateful I took the time that night to BE right there! Thank You Akiva! Blessings to each of you ~ Ah Ho ~ Namaste
    Erin Ann BirdWoman

    • Susan and David on

      Thank you Birdwoman,
      It was so powerful for both of us to be with all who were gathered.
      thank you so much for your heartfelt presence. We look forward to seeing you on our next trip through.


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