Blessing For The Day 12.31.18


As the year comes to a close and the next year is opening, we received the prayerful guidance to create a blessing every day for the month of January. We look forward to sharing these daily blessing with you.


If you allow, this day will deliver magic. There are surprises waiting to be presenced.

What is required is that you allow the presence of mystery to be part of how you live yourself this day.

It means allowing the unpredictable, the sparkle of beauty, the fragrance of joy to arrive in you. It is a simple yet profound change in how you run yourself.

Mystery is everywhere as life exceeds, by its nature, the confines of the mind. Allowing mystery is the gateway that increases the flow of wonder, joy and the gift of life itself. 

Allow yourselves to be surprised and you will be.


Love, David and Susan

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6 comments on “Blessing For The Day 12.31.18

    • arthur weiss on

      Dear ones,
      Thank you for your heartfelt love message. I receive it
      and allow it o warm my heart as I import it’s energy.
      I send you both my deep love for you with the hope that this
      new year will bless you and continue to bring you the energy
      to transmit loving energy as you have continued to do for these past years.

  1. Carina on

    Dear David and Susan:

    There was Magic in the kitchen today as 7 year old Sacha-Michael took over, making brownies and starting a soup and a grilled cheese. Watchful motherly eye present throughout but also, and more importantly, I was a witness to the wonder that this child embodies and shares. To his brilliance, kindness, wisdom. He was cooking and doing some form of Chi Gong as he went. He concluded that he wanted to be a healer and also a cook and to start his own business. For him, there are no barriers, only possibilities – much like the office which once existed in Nelson;) Thank you both for your powerful and poetic blessing for this day. Good medicine for me. Clearly, Sacha did not need to check his emails to “get it”, he just is. Much Love, Carina

  2. Richard Holcomb on

    David and Susan,
    Today I registered the blog you helped me define and create in 2013. Thank you again for your inspiration and guidance, and I will share the results from Santa Fe in first quarter 2019.
    With God’s guidance and grace, this will become an essential part of my service and self care–and a living legacy of my time on the planet.
    Love and blessings,
    Richard Holcomb


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